Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Tale Of A Man Named Joe

It was a Tuesday afternoon the first time I met Joe.  The full white beard and hair with thin gold framed eyeglasses gave him a thin Santa Claus look that him appear older than his 61 years.  He was a helicopter pilot during Vietnam and the war scene had a profound affect.  At some point he had been declare ‘insane’ and had received full medical benefits.  Anyone who knew him though would just tell you he was interesting, unique or odd. 
He ran a small engine repair shop from his garage and lived next door in a 24 foot diameter geodesic home he built single handed.  The home was small but the craftsman ship and details were of a patient quality. I remember a stone fireplace centered in the house extending all the way to the peak of the dome, each of the shists, quartz and granite rocks were found nearby.  The bathroom on the second floor loft had a half moon cut in the saloon style door
 It just happened to be 4 pm when I arrived on that summer day and it was time for ‘Oinky’s’ beer. Oinky was Joes 400 pound pet pig. Oinky loved beer.  From the pen, we walked 20 paces over to the shop.  As I was overlooking a riding lawn mower, Joe was talking away, back to me, about the repairs from the work the bench.  I didn’t think much of it.
 When he turned to face me again he was sparking up a rather large joint with a plumbers torch.  He got the ‘j’ cherried within 4 puffs then proceeded to place it into some device that resembled a light bulb.
 I looked at him curiously:

It don’t waste smoke this way’ Joe says ‘do ya want some?’
‘No thanks Joe, it’s a long way home for me, but go right ahead.”
‘Oh don’t worry about that, I will!’  laughing loudly.

Shortly thereafter a woman with a snowblower arrives.  Joe walks out to talk with her, learn the problem and get her phone number to call her when the job is done.  While I was waiting, Russ, who occasionally works in the shop told me a story about how one day he came into the shop to find that Joe had just eaten a bag of mushrooms and was now standing in front of the mirror with hair clippers.  He had just finished shaving the whole left side only of his head and beard.  Russ told me he kept it like that until the next day when the ‘shrooms had finally worn off. 
I haven’t see Joe in quite a while.  Recently I learned that he decided it was time to plan an end. One day he went out back, shot Oinky, then himself.

R.I.P. Joe.

Monday, November 30, 2009

On the Road

I pulled on to I-95 at 5:30am driving north.  The oranges, purples, pinks and blues started to brighten in the pre-dawn sky as the sun rose.  Near Benton, in a field on the right, four deer were feeding in a cut hayfield.  Their breath visible in the cold morning air. 

After nearly 4 hours I arrived at the job site and the task of removing gasoline contaminated soil began.  At 4 pm the sky was dark again, the work day done and 930 yards of soil had been removed.
Based on the number of service vehicles and trucks in the parking lot, my hotel choice was a popular one among others working in the same area.  At 5:15pm I was unpacked and it was time for a shit, shower and shave before heading out into the cold dark to track down some dinner in this small eastern Maine border town.
After a burger and some beers I returned to my room to check email and send notes back to the office. The free wi-fi signal offered by the hotel was weak so I found my self sitting near the door with the laptop propped up on the sink.  The bleak florescent lighting and asylum white walls, all reflecting in the sink mirror, cast a depressing aurora. 
I quickly finished my work and moved into bed;  5:30am would come fast, lucky for me the bedside alarm clock was already set for the right wake up time and tomorrow was Friday.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Maine: We'll Let You Smoke Pot, Just Don't be Gay

One result from the election this past Tuesday is that 53% of Mainers are homophoes. I think a lot of things about this:  it sends a sad message, people are so disturbed by the gay sex part of the issue that they are overlooking the intent, marriage is the proof of commitment that two people love each other. The people who were for overturning the law that out legislatures passed to legalize gay marriage are frightened. Afraid of what? I’m not sure...that their kids will be taught about gay marriage in school, who the fuck is taught about marriage in school?; i certainly was not, were you?
And there is another point, why do we have Legislatures making and passing (or not) laws, if every time one goes through, it gets kicked back to the citizens for a re-vote? We could save a ton of money and time in this State if we axed the whole legislature system and turned every decision to the citizens for voting...*whatever*.
This whole post could become rantish, boring and get TLDR so Ill shorten this up and come at this from another angle. I think we missed a good opportunity to increase sections of the economy. The wedding planners, cake makers, function halls, suit rentals, wedding dresses....all that money spent in/on weddings will never be accommodations, all of it. I'd venture to say millions per year in this state. Bye Bye. Then you have the divorce lawyers....they would likely have more work too.  I'm gonna guess this marriage issue will be back.
Now, the other vote issue that came up is the 59% of Mainers supported the medical marijuana proposal to expand availability...basically to create dispensaries.  Hummm...we'll let you smoke pot, but just don't be gay.   What a world.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Video Blog October 20, 2009

Well, when your on a roll...keep rolling.

Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16, 2006 VBlog

I've been kind of bored with blogging lately. My camera crapped out so I was losing the photographic inspirations that make blogging interesting.  Additionally, home time and work time has increased, especially with the onset of winter. I still got wood to move and attic insulation to lay out (today). So, since that I have the day off I thought I'd give something different a try.  Plus I want to add more things for my family to see and also leave behind some candid recordings to add to the original intent of this blog, journal.

My early morning vBlog for today:


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gross Baby Story

This tale must be shared. It is not uncommon but must be documented for the purposes of this blog as that  I hope one day my son will discover these writings of mine and understand more of my life and his. No pictures please.

Early this morning as we were preparing for work.  The boy and I were in the kitchen.  He was naked from the waste down because mom asked me to leave his bottom bare to air out the undercarriage. I was getting milk from the refrigerator while the boy was pulling tea and spices from the cabinets.  I turned back to look at him and Im like 'When the fuck did the dog shit on the floo...aawwwh crap.

Yep. LG dropped lumber on the kitchen floor AND was standing in it. 

I picked him up to bring him to the changing table, just as a do...'doink'  -poo covered foot, meet Dads shirt. 

I clean up the bulk poo quickly and yell out from mom, who cant hear anything over the whine of the hair dryer. We scoot over to the bathroom for her to clean the shit from between his toes.

With my shirt removed I move right back into the kitchen to disposed of the soft log and manage this hazardous waste clean up. 

The End.  When is fathers day again? I'm asking for something good.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer Blow Outs

Two weeks ago my friend "Ranger" won a writing contest and 50 pounds of lobster as the prize. A kid friendly group celebration at Winslow Park in Freeport to consume said crustaceans was held. I think I had two bugs and picked though 4 extra bodies.

The this past weekend celebrates the the boys first journey around the sun. That was a quick year. The family gathered like it hasn't in many many years on Saturday. It was bigger than our wedding. Then on the following Sunday Grandpa-G said a local lobster man stopped by and dropped off some more lobsters at no charge. So on Sunday we cooked up 24 lobsters and 20 crabs...with only three eaters. I got through 6 and then shelled 15 into a bowl for lobster rolls and other recipes. Three full pounds of lobster meat. I ended up putting two pounds into the freezer. TWO POUNDS! The third pound will be used for the lobby rolls. Yumm!

I ended up bringing three lob's and 4 crabs over to the Ranger to share the wealth. Its gonna be a hella shellfish week.

I love Maine.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Boy Jew Come Blow Your Horn

I couldn't resist the post title. It fits too perfectly, and the number one rule to get your story read, is have a catchy title.
Sitting in the park today, soaking up the sun I watched as two men wearing some traditional style Jewish clothing were handing out free honey, blowing a shofar (ram's horn) and as I learned publicizing the coming new year -Rosh Hashana.
It turns out that Rabbi Akiva Herzfield of the Congregation Shaarey Tphiloh in Portland is inviting everyone to attend the free service at 4:30pm on Saturday the 19th. this year

"Now is the time to reach out and remind people of their Jewish roots, and to invite them to greet the New Year" -as the good Rabbi is quoted in the September 12, 2009 Portland Daily Sun.

Herzfield and 'David' were also handing out free 4-ounce jars of kosher honey while promoting their new year services.  The honey is made in Portland. The honey is very tasty and you can get more info and even purchase some at OVERLAND

Easter Eggs

Damn it ! the pictures are on the other camera. Anyway, on saturday morning I went to look at a used car for sale. Only 500$.  A muted blue 1972 Mercedes, 4 door. 240 with a 280 motor.
The story from the guy was that for the past 6 years it has been in the garage. His wife drove it some prior to that. An old guy from Florida drove it only while he was in Maine during the summers. An old lady had it before that.  The fucking car has just over 60,000 miles. Its 37 years old.  $500!.  
The body was in great shape. some work and paint had been done to it in the past but it was not a big deal. After putting a charge to the battery and a little gasoline down the TWO carburetors, it started and ran. And ran great.  What a score! So yeah, we bought it. Its at the garage now. At this point it may only need 4 new breaks. And because of it's age, title required.
After the break work is done there is already a buyer lined up.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Race Across the Sky

Yeah. this looks cool. I hope I will be able to add it to Nextflix.

I also added it to my cycling blog. Stone Temple Ccyling

Monday, August 31, 2009

Workin' Hard

I have been spending some time involved with other things lately. The boy is keeping us busy. He is in full on walking mode.  I think his little baby legs were sore from walking so much the other day.  He is back in daycare and Wife is back to school.  
The weather has been fabulous and I dont want to miss a second.
Work is picking up, at least for the next month or so. So, thats good.
And I visited my homeopathic dr. for the first time.  A good visit and following a little blood work Ill have a good idea of my general condition before I start to really head over the cliff of older age.  My b.p was 104/60 and my r.h.r was 60 bpm. Pretty damn good but Im sure my cycling has everything to do with that.
I have only had 5 beers in the last 4 weeks., as opposed to somewhere aroud 75. I am down to about 185lbs and hopefully the other blog I am working on will generate a little bit of money towards a new bike.for the spring. So, I got some stuff going on and I like it.  I think once the clocks go ahead in teh fall my blogging will ramp back up.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pic of the Boy and Dog

Its a good pic. I couldn't resist sharing it. Plus its a shirt that GoAS got for him and I know she has been dying to see him wearing it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Significant Relationship of Geology and the PB&J Sandwich

It's likely that you have eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But do you understand the significance of the PB&J in the world of GEOLOGY? Probably not....unless of course you are a geologist. Here I present:

The Top Five Greatest Lessons of the PB&J Sandwich to the Field of Geology.

1) SUSTENANCE: Many a grad student has spent long durations of time far far away from civilization searching for that unit-of-pillow-basalt-to-prove-that-ophiloites-extend-further-into-the-pacific-northwest-than-previously-thought. The trouble comes as, what the fuck to eat out there? Luckily the PB&J is light weight, has a good calorie count and maybe most importantly CHEAP. I know as a grad student I had no pay and was frequently deep in the Maine woods looking for more damn schist on an empty belly. PB&J saved me more than once.

2) HYDROGEOLOGY: The main lesson that comes right to mind when talking about a good PB&J is related to hydrogeology and proper construction of the PB&J. Peant Butter acts as a very impervious barrier between 'watery' jelly and porus bread. Any PB&J worth its weight will be constructed in this manner: bread, peanut butter, jelly, peanut butter, bread. Whereby the peanut butter retains the jelly, keeping it from soaking the bread. It's just common sense people. The peanut butter also tends to act as a seal, keeping the jelly in, when the sandwich is bitten into. No Mess.

3) TECTONICS: Many a PB&Js sitting side by side on a flat table have been mashed into one another demonstrating mountain building processes. The jelly can even look like the lava of and erupting volcano. *haha*

4) SEDIMENTARY: The Law of Superposition is no where better illustrated than in the construction of the PB&J. (See #2) Alt Link. Chuncky peanut butter can even stand in as a conglomerate or melange.

5) STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY: Cut a PB&J in half and faulting can be demonstrated, sinistral, dextral, reverse normal. Fold it up, syncline. Fold it down, anticline (pic right-->). Fold it and flip it, recumbent fold. BLAM!
There you have it. This is by no means a definitive list and I encourage you to add your best peanut butter and jelly sandwich stories.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vlad the Impaler

And just because its friday and im feeling good.....

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev had a boys night out. Thou Medvedev was a pussy and only drank water. Here is the story. The only real reason for this post was to have a reason for my caption add to one of the photos of the story.

Have a great weekend.

Interlude with Mr. Reinhardt

For your friday enjoyment and musical enlightenment I post a tune by Django Reinhardt.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Super day today. Good solid client meeting. Home early.

found this short and funny movie.
funny to me because i recognized each one right away.
smurfs is the best concept. watch.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday August 10, 2009

A quick post....A fantastic weekend. Lawn tractor tire fixed. Lawn mowed. 30 feet of exterior trim scraped, primed and painted. Two 10" hemlock trees cut down and limbed. Several small <4inch trees also removed.

fyi: the guy in the first scene is Stephen King. He lives about 2 hours from us in Bangor.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cycle Commuting

Yep. Today I rode in. The weather is fantastic this week (finally) and I am going to take advantage of it, plus this week I found a cool new web site; MAP MY RIDE.
I have not played with it too much yet but the interface is simple and I have been able to do everything I need without any difficulty. Mapping routes, viewing ride information and even keeping track of my workouts. oh and they provide embed code.
here was my ride this morning into work:

The ride back to the car will be similar.

USELESS Commuting Statistics:
14.17 miles
44 mins 2 seconds
19.2 mph avg speed
30.5 mph max.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Wet Sunday Ride

The KVBC ride on Sunday was warm and wet. The group of six started at the Laura E. Richards school on Rt. 201 in Gardiner and followed a shorter route than was originally planned. The pre-ride doppler radar showed a good sized storm bearing down on us and there was no reason to punish ourselves.
The rain started as soon as we began our tour through the back roads of Gardiner, Richmond and Litchfield.
Noteable roads being the New Road in Richmond which gives you a nice long (1 mile-ish) 3% decent; a Tour de France-like uphill switchback onto GrindStone Crank Road; a grape vinyard and views of Pleasant Pond.
We did get some dry weather towards the end and everyone had a great time.
Hopefully next year the loop to Bowdoinham won't get rained out.

View Larger Map

Friday, July 24, 2009


Last weekend Wife and I attended the wedding of an old friend of mine. It was significant because, well not only the wedding, but that it would be the first night that we would leave LilGuns over night with his Grandparents.
We picked up my brothers lady in Cape E. and got to the Portland Club at just before 5. the last guests to arrive...of course. After shooting the shit with my bud's, many of who were in the wedding party, we were told to take our seats by someone.
The entrance of the wedding party began and before you knew it they bride and groom are walking out. Ten minutes start to finish. Let the reception begin!
The three of us went right back outside to the car where I had a few beers waiting in the car trunk. Hey, there is no need to buy 6 moderate quality 4$ beers when I got 6 good quality on ice right out side. The ladies each had a Sam Adams, I had two NewCastles. My brother came out and a few others. They shared some Crown Royal whiskey. Now, primed up we can go back in and have dinner.
The bride/groom first dance was a fun choreographed thing. Best one I ever saw...Something along the lines of THIS.
And the food was good. So, with that hurdle crossed there was nothing to do but feed wife a shot of tequila and dance and smoke a cigar.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Runnin' Again

I was a couple of years ago thathe ridin' mowah broke...Stattah shit the bed.
No big deal really. We just mowed with the push mower. Wife didn't mind (see here) and I didn't mind. We broke up the cutting into 3-one hour segments and got it done. Plus it was good extra exercise and we could play with the dogs at the same time.
But this year, with the LittleOne to keep track of, and all this rain, time is at a premium and keeping the lawn from looking like a hay field has been a challenge. That when I decided to revisit my riding lawn mower/tractor.
I pulled it out from the shed. Pulled off all the body panels. Cleaned out all the mouse nests, hosed off the shit and piss that came with the dirty little rodents and took a look at it. I changed the oil, and looked it over and then decided to take it up to the guy. I wont say it was beyond my ability to fix it, but it would be worth the 150bucks to fix. So the guy replaced the starter and a fuel line that had split from age.
We got it back home and now I can cut the grass...the whole lawn, in about 40 minutes compared to 3 hours. And I can drink a beer while I do it. Life is good.
oh yeah, the sweet custom paint job?...i did that meself with an air brush gun.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bug Zapper

We live in Maine. We have bugs: mosquitoes, black flies....the usual. Because there are so many you gain skills like how to grab and squash a mosquito with one hand or expect a sudden swat to the head from your wife and appreciate Bens100 like a fine cologne.
But this past weekend my mom brought over a new bug killing device. The Bug Zapper. A tennis racket styled, battery operated, electronic bug zapping device. I made a quick video. Check it out.
You'll want one.

So after seeing this, the first thing I think of is, 'lets get someone to zap their balls with it,' JackAss style. Who first? Haha.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Wrap Up

I only took a few pictures with my regular camera. I think putting out a stream of pics with short descriptions from my cell phone was fun. I read all the comments when I got home. Thanks everyone.
The top two pics I took while at Colby. The number of bikes all lined up next to each other was cool looking. 2,600 registered and there were at least 2,000 who rode. I got a luck good pic with all the wheels lined up in the second pic. FYI all the bike are upside down because they stand up that way.
On Day 3 My mom and Steve were at the second rest stop to cheer me on.
Thanks to everyone who donated and cheered me on. My knees were creaky on the third day but, made it.

*update* I almost for got. I wanted to say thanks to my team and team members at
PERCY Cycles.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 4: ride day 3

Done. 49.33miles @ 15.4mph.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 3: ride day 2 finish

Day 2 Finish line. 56.46miles @ 16.2mph

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Day3: ride day 2

Prepin to go. It was a much drier day.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 2: beers.

Beer @ hick bar. The guy in the background there was wearing an 8-inch bowie knife.
Guinness was 3.50$ I had two and a shot of Crown Royal.

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Day2: dryin out.

The laundry mat was salvation to many riders.

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Day 2: done

Heres camp. Gym flr. 65 miles @ 16.1mph. Now must get dry.

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A photo of my bike just before rolling out on day 1. The heavy rains lasted all day and my bike number fell off after 3 miles.

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Day 2: ride day 1

Breakfast. Rained all nite. Rain 4casted 4 all day. Lets get it on!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day1: eve

Trapped ina tent.

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Day 1: arrival

@ sunday rvr. Trek is 2moro. Gonna b wet 2nite. Wet ride 2moro

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A First Ride

I took LG for a little ride around the driveway yesterday. He's all tucked into the front mount carrier and I'm/we're riding the yellow schwinn that I repaired last summer. It's a great bike for this kind of thing because of the upright riding position and the 'step through' frame. He loved it to. Quite as a mouse, just looking all around. When we got off, he wanted to play with the bike. I think he likes the semi-shiny chrome.

Incidentally the work I did on the 10$ bike were to: replace/upgrade the front and rear derailleur and the shifting levers to some old sun-tours I scavenged off of another bike. And I also replaced the tires and front wheel from yet another. It rides and shifts pretty well.
Ill sell it for $80, if you want it.

And remember the Trek Across Maine ride is coming up on Fathers Day Weekend. There is still time to donate.
Donate online HERE

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

stuff and stuff

It cant be just me. I mean its gotta be generally understood. The busier one gets the less time for blogging.
I got a few minutes here, so Ill send out an update. I know my family reads my blog for status updates, download pics, and generally see what I/We are up to.
Last week, with the comment of Bruce running through my head, I took down the pic of LG in the air. Mainly to just avoid a shit storm that should never have to begin. It was a preemptive move.
So. last week i got to play the part of deck hand and take a client out on the bosses boat. The last post was from my cell phone. The pic to the left is a better pic looking up from the marina dock in Freeport.
And I managed to get a second 19" monitor at work. Edits reports in PDF was a real bitch, flipping back and forth between programs and scrambling up paper printed copies...ugh. most of that should end now. It's only been two days but I love it so far. I'd love to have a 'war room' type of set up. touch screens all over the place. surrounded by incoming data. reviewing, monitoring and reporting. sending out invoices. it'd be madness. but anyway, here is a pic of that.
Two thoughts for today. One. Fuck North Korea. Jailing those two women reports for 12 years!? My plan. set up a meeting with the heads of state in Pingpong N.K. get all the top Korean guys there. Mock up the shit out of the US arrival and summit talks. Then just as they are all gathered up. drop 4 MOABs, and wipe out the government.
Then follow up with supply crates of food and water for the citizens.
Second. A group of people in the Portland area are complaining about what has been touted as the single best public health venture ever, flouride in public water supplies. They are up in arms about 1 (ONE) part per million. They are clearly not balancing the greater good. It is shortsighted thinking and I completely disagree. And thats all Im gonna say about that.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giro d'Italia -Stage 17

Stage 17 of the Giro was today. A friend of mine clued me into the Universal Sports web site where they stream the race coverage live for free. So awesome. I got it running in the background as I review reports.

Lance Armstrong is riding really well today (second position in photo). I'm not sure how he'll play for the Tour de France in July but he may be in shape to take it. Although, I think he may ride to support Levi Leiphenmer (sp) for a TdF GC win. Levi is 35 years old and near the end of his career with this being his last real chance at a Grand Tour win.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


8:30 and the shirts off! Go cortez!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Woot TWR!

Weee. off today. TWR. Texting while riding

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hot show girls!

I love portland!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump Day Stroll

Portland can be a damn interesting city. Not only did I walk through the Wednesday Farmers Market, complete with artists and musicians, I was asked for spare change by too many.
But, However *shaking finger* I did come across some new graffiti art and the PETA fruits were out against exotic animal skins.
My temptation to go grab a couple of hot dogs and shoot the shit with the pretty tarts handing out flyers was short lived. I had hot dogs yesterday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Breakfast sunday

Breakfast time.
Time to update the photo and post I sent from my cell phone on Sunday morning.
Wife, LG and I, along with Uncle, Grandpa and Great-Grandma all went out for breakfast on Sunday morning to a place we just discovered about 10 minutes away in the neighboring town of Richmond.
The Railway Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Last week Wife and I tried out their lunch. I had a steak and cheese sub, she has a big ass burger with fries. The food was great and inexpensive. A good sign was all the white hair in the place. Old people and truckers....two things to look for as a measure of food quality and cost.
So we went back for breakfast. I had a bacon, broccoli and cheese omelet. Yum. with homefries.
i dont remember what else we had on the table but it was all very good. The wait staff was really nice and because it is in a small town we didn't have to wait to sit down. Unlike going to the IHOP in Augusta....
The building it self appears to be a former train station. The big clues are the name of the place and the railroad tracks right next to it. They owners tap into that for the feel and decoration of the place. Nice. Quaint.
This is our new breakfast place for sure.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bike Week

This week is bike week in the U.S. No, not THIS bike week. But This one.
Today I did my, now standard, Yarmouth to Portland pedal in to work.

Useless commuting statistics:
Distance: 13.92 miles
Time: 46mins 39 secs.
Average Speed: 17.8 mph
All while carrying about 8 pounds of lunch, work clothes, shoes, and other small stuff that lives in my panniers.
So, not too bad really. and its nice to get 45 mins. of cardio. before work and 45 after too. I should be ripped and ready for the Trek in no time. There is still time to donate. HERE.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Who's the Boss?

Well that was a bit weird.
What does it mean when your boss comes in and says to you "I was thinking of taking tomorrow morning or the day off tomorrow. Will that be o.k. ?"
I started to answer and I say 'ah, yeah well the Concord site is smoothed out and..' then thought dawned on me...why is the boss/owner asking if he can have a day off to work on his boat.
Of course you can. You own the company man.
Obviously, he was asking what the work load and schedule was like for tomorrow and if I would need his input on things but it was a bit weird.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Day Trippin'

Plans can change quickly some days. It was Sunday and my brother had just pulled into the driveway. We were planning on going out for a bike ride, get some exercise, work up a sweat, strain the muscles, burn the lungs and rest our minds. It can be a religious experience.

*ring ring*

'Hi Ma.'
'Oh your going to Phippsburg today?'
'Yeah sure we'll come down.'

Phippsburg is a small coastal town south of Bath. It's only about 40 minutes from our house and it is a beautiful place to hang out for the day. The riding could wait. Plus, LilGuns will get to see his Gram, Grand Aunt/Uncle and Great-Grandma. And of course they want to see him even more.
I ended up taking the longest possible way down, because I hadn't been there in years and I just couldn't remember any other way to get there. But the drive down was really nice. Long two lane roads. Tree covered. Hilly and winding. Rock outcrops just inches from leaving a big 'ol scratch down the side of the car. Drive carefully.
The camp is on Winnegance Bay in Phippsburg. The water is 30 feet off the dock. Stripper and blue fishing is awesome here. The year my brother caught the big bass, he got a 23 pound blue fish. Fought it for nearly an hour before landing it into the 12 foot aluminum row boat. The fish fight of his life.
The picture is looking northeast from the camp yard. The foreground shows a shell midden that contains lots of Quahog clam shells. We suspect the origin of the midden is from a local indian tribe. But that is speculating some.
The rocks are devonian age granites intruded into schists of the Cape Elizabeth formation.

Monday, April 27, 2009

ChopSticks, Fire and Bikes

Mid-week, last week, sushi take out ended up on the menu. LilGun's enjoyed the chopsticks. Thou, holding them like drum sticks will do little to get the food into his mouth. But then again the maki rolls are bigger than he could handle anyway. So, bang away my son.
Saturday morning I got up at 6am while LG and Momma slept in (to 9 i might add). By 7:30 i was, out of my mind bored, and creeping around the house like a silent mouse was driving me nuts. So I went to the fire department and got a burn permit. With two loan matches (no gasoline this time) I got the pile going really good right away. I took the photo shortly after I put on our 2008 christmas tree for maximum flame effect. After about 4 hours I had burned all that I wanted and I doused it out with the garden hose. It turned out to be a good controlled fire and didn't have that initial huge flame up like usual.
Sunday my brother came up and we did a training ride. I got the Trek Across Maine coming up and I need to get in my miles. If you haven't yet donated to my ride and would like to you can do it HERE.
I took him past the blueberry fields on Blinn Hill. Ride-wise it is a 1-2 mile climb at about 4% grade. On the backside I have documented a top speed of 51 mph. Yesterday I only topped out at about 46mph. Gusty winds kept me on the conservative side. Our trip time was 2 hours and 12 minutes for 34 miles. Not bad. I definitely need to crank it up from there. The pic is of me, sheesh my gut looks horrible. :( Oh well, nothing more miles can't fix.

Have a good week.

Friday, April 24, 2009

OSHA Training

Yesterday was my OSHA 8-hour annual refresher training class and test. It is a requirement to keep my hazardous waste emergency operations ( HAZWOPER ) knowledge up to date.
Among items we discussed were new shipping documents, the hazard classification system, blood borne pathogens, a little time with our emergency response guidebooks and the part I was waiting for PPE (personal protective equipment). Masks, suits, boots all that stuff.
'Who wants to volunteer?"...
and seeing a perfectly good opportunity to develop a blog post with interesting photos, I stepped up.
Picture 1 (upper left): I am wearing a powered supplied air hood. It is battery operated and has filter cartridges. The hood has two flaps, an inner that goes under your outer wear and the outer flap. It was quite cool and did not fog up.
Picture 2 (right) : I have on rubber boots, a new style of tyvec suit (which is some new material i forgot the name), and double glove protection. Here we were just demonstrating the correct way to tape off the legs and wrists.
So. Yep. I'm good for another year of hazardous waste cleanup. But do not fear for my safety. When the shit gets really bad...or even just a little bad. I step WAY the fuck back and call in Clean Harbors. This is probably one of the few situations were I will say
"why do it yourself when some other guy can it for you'?"

And, Yes I did pass the test.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A quick post today. I have been super busy lately.
Today I wanted to give my opinion on this whole Somali pirate thing (Story here and here).
Fuck these guys. Their age does not matter to me in this case. Pirates of the 1600's were of the same age....right up to their 40's. If they lived that long.
Abduwali Abdukhadir Muse will be tried of piracy [U.S. v. Muse, 09-mg-1012, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan)] . If found guilty, I say the same fate of William Kidd should be bestowed upon him. Hanging in chains dock side.

eah, gotta run. I got dirty soil to move.

Peace and Love. Peace and Love.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Peanut Butter

I was fooling around with LilGuns and thought I had detected the sweet sweet aroma of a nice full diaper. I called in Wife for a poopypants ruling. I heard a shout from the bathroom.
Holding the boy now at arms length, I tracked down Mommy for the second opinion. Secretly hoping for an All Clear, but really knowing where the outcome would end, On the changing table.
Let me back this story up a little bit. L.G. is just over 6 months old now. Growing right along like a little beansprout. He's got some good hair coming in, sitting up playing, interacting, knows his name and recently two sharp little teeth (lower center) poked through.
Now that there are teeth we started to introduce foods. Some beats here...let him gnaw on Mommys apple there. The last couple of days he has been eating carrots like no ones business. Last night he sucked up about 3 ounces, give or take.
Jumping back to this morning, I pull off his pants and open up the diaper.
Oh! Hey! Who put peanut butter in here?
*w00t* *w00t* Yep. So, to be anti-climatic I wiped him up and re-dressed the boy for school.

Bring on the fudge brownies.

p.s. I hope this story makes my aunt gag a little bit

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dog walkin'

If you dont know how to do it Ill show you how to walk the dog.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More Music

Slingshot-ing off of my previous post I dug up a picture of myself when I was about...mmmm 16. Same basement, now with much more equipment.
The Eddie Van Halen Honer and sunburst 12 string are still there. The banjo body is just visible in the lower right. As is a cymbal for the drum kit, thou not pictured. But now there are two more electric guitars, one in a modified flying 'V ' even . I'm sure there is other equipment not pictured.
I (in my neon glory, lol, oh the late 80's) am sitting on my Fender Bassman 10 with 4x10" speakers. Ohhh its a sweet tube amp. Best sounding amp ever. Next to it is my brothers Fender guitar amp. It also is a 4x10. This fucker could CRANK. That amp has since gone to amp heaven. The bassman lives on. I don't play much anymore, but i will never give it up. Hell, LilGuns may need an amp one day.
So to wrap this shit is a song in about 2002 by my brothers band Here to Be Human.
Open Summertime.mp3
Its even an MP3. I got a converter, so please let me know if it works or is all FUBARed. Also please leave some feedback. Thanks.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

This is not Serj Tankian.

This is Cortez (not his real name) and he has been my brothers, and I, friend for about 30 years now. He is like our brother.
He, my brother and my bro's woman are vacationing/ visting bro's woman's family way down south in St. Thomas. Sunburned, tatooed and wearing a christmas theme thong they sent me this pic (left) about an hour ago. Kind of brings new meaning to the phrase 'Jingle Bells'.
So, for some perspective on the whole scene, the pic below is where we would spend the majority of our time afterschool. Practing our licks, beats, and lyrics. In the pic is my brother (left) on the Eddie Van Halen knock off, Cortez (center) shreddin' the vocals and my uncle keeping solid time on drums.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Disorder In the Court

One of my all time favorite episodes. Not only is there excellent pratfalls, slapstick, and writing but who else in the 1936 had the balls to flip off the camera? Moe, Larry and Curly that's who!Look for it at minute12:52