Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day with Dad

This past Sunday my dad was doing an antique show at the Wells Reserve. It was a great place, with a nice ocean view, plenty of miles of walking trails etc. etc...

It was a pretty good show, as far as sales go. Plus its a good chance to see my dad, see him in his element (wheelin' and dealin'), and learn to identify old shit. So that in case I run across stuff at yard sales i know what is good and what is crap.

Anywho, he has quite a collection of Wallace Nutting pieces. They are hand painted photographs. The colors are beautiful and the scenes are well laid out. Here's a pic...

If you are interested in Wallace Nutting here are a pair of links. LINK1, LINK2. There are others...just google it.

If you want to buy one, email me.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Roche Moutonnee

While I was on that cycling ride in Bethel last week I snapped this pic of a ROCHE MOUTONNEE. Two actually.

It is a French term : roche= rock. moutounnee = something, i don't know i'm not French. my French-English earth science dictionary defines it as 'ice smoothed rock, glaciated knob'

Its often referred to as a 'sheep back' or 'whaleback', I have heard both.

They are glacially shaped so, tn this case ice sheet movement was from right to left. The ice ramps up the low angle side and will 'pick off' material on the steep side. Aerodynamic, if you will.

Anyway, its also a nice picture.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bethel Ride

Last Friday I got called about at site. I dont care to write about the details but there was a figurative fire that I needed to put out. And it involved me driving to Berlin, NH and missing out on company boat day. Which, is a day that we all go out on BossMan's sail boat-cruise around Casco Bay and have lunch. Its a team building exercise. At least thats I how I imagine BossMan writes that down on his tax return. But what do I know?

Anyway. We managed to finish the work very early and I was headed home by 11am. Luckily, I had my bike and all my riding stuff in the car. I found a town park in Bethel, changed into my riding clothes in a port-a-shittah and found a short loop. It was a great 18 miles and along the way I saw this metal pheonix statue that some farmer guy must have crafted during a long winter.

Tuesday crazy-ness

There are some days that just go by. There are some days that just suck. Then there are days like I had yesterday. Where you just feel GREAT...start to finish.

At work, I was the fucking man. Keeping two people coordinated on-site at underground storage tank removals. " Yes, do this. No, now do that. What are your results? This is what we need for samples. Ok good. Did you talk to the State guy? Is he happy?"

Then I had a project meeting to lay out the next few months. Which was continuously interrupted by then aforementioned on-site jobs.

At noon Wife showed up for lunch. We had sushi. It was goodBack at work, I continued to kick ass. A client had come in to discuss some new tanks they are installting. The existing tanks fucking broke! Leaked some gas and caused a big headache.
So, in that meeting with ClientGuy and BossMan I was able to steer the meeting because I had kept in recent contact with all the other parties involved *(State DEP, ClientLady in Canada and Monkey Subcontractors).

I got the feeling that BossMan was impressed and happy with what I had done.

Then just as Im going home...SmartWorkLady asks me to drop off lab samples on my way home. No Problem.

Then I get home and I rode the Kona into town to return the movie and because I was all pumped up I made it, the 5 miles into town in 16.4 mintues and return in 21 minutes. For an avg. spped of like 17.6 or something. Which is friggin' flying for this bike.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Update

This past weekend was very nice.

Friday began and ended with a commute to work by bike. As I have mentioned in earlier posts I drive most the way to work (~33 miles) , then ride the final stretch (~14 miles). I made it into work with a 18.9 avg and home with 18.3. I'm pretty sure I was slower because I was carrying more weight in the pannier and also took a different route that had a little bit more climbing to contend with.

On Saturday, dogs and I did our usual 2+ mile nature walk in the morning. Some people might call it a hike, but I'm my mind the relatively flat ground only qualifies it as nature walk. Anyway, when we got back I completed fencing a section of yard on the south side of the property. We have some new neighbors, who also have a dog, so it was high time I keep our critters in.

Sunday, after the yard work got done Mugsy and Tori stopped by on their way back home from up north for a bike ride. We got in a 27-ish mile loop. The four of us will be in the MS-150 this year, so we need to get some training rides in. 27 is good, but not long enough. We need to get in a few 50-70 mile days. Which is really only like 5 hours of riding or so.

Oh yeah also, Mugsy was able to get back in touch with a friend I haven't seen in years, WHEELS! It turns out that he is big into riding and competitive racing. Ill have to get over to Union and go for a ride with him.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cops, Cyclists and Terrorists

This story I found through Digg.

Cops can be such dicks at times. Arrested for asking for a badge number? Its gotta be part of the war on terror mentality gone awry.

Do the cops think that all bicycle riders are terrorists? I mean really, the bike frame tubing could be just a pipe bomb in disguise. We can’t let the terrorists win.

Terror… Terror… Well I got just the thing for terrorists.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Raleigh update

I FINALLY got some sweet tires for the Raleigh. Then I took it with me to work last week and went for a spin around town and swung by Percy's to show it off. But it was one comment from 'dude' there that irked me. "Whats up with the double ring?" Well, I just didn't feel like doin' anything about it, and it functions perfectly. *grrrr*

So the next day I went to HomeDesperate and got a cutting kit for my Dremel. I had heard this could be done, so why not try it. Whats the worst thing that can happen? I toast a crap pair of cranks.

That night, I got a couple of beers, some goggles and set to 'er. The results aint that bad actually. And I only cut my thumb once and nicked crank arm once as well.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Doggie Hair Cuts

Yesterday Watson and Addie spent the day with the groomer. We found that during the summer they were just much too hot with all that fur. Panting all the time. All night. So we decided to get'em shaved. How would you like to wear a fur coat all summer? Not me.

So yesterday was the big day for them. I quickly took some pics and pasted them together. Sorry for the fuzzy quality of the 'after' pics but well... shit happens. Watson is the red merle, Addie the blue merle. Aren't they cute?