Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mica Fish...observations on a global scale

I was zipping around on the earth today...Google earth that is, when I came across this part of the world near the Mendocino Triple Junction.

Then using my trained geologist eye and a little computer magic overlayed the following:

Could this be a 'mica fish' on a global, crustal scale? So I quickly searched for a good photographic example of a mica fish, and found this:

Sure look similar. For the non-geologists reading the post, a mica fish is a micro-scale tectonic indicator of relative motion. Typically composed of Muscovite or biotite within a, usually, finer-grained matrix. They form in deformation zones, like faults -and their shape is a result of..well think if it like aerodynamics. The mica fish is like a Toyota Prius. All laid back, letting the world go by it.

Just thought that was pretty cool. The shape is right. The shear sense is right. Could the mica fish analogy scale up so large?

I should just be given a PhD right now.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

GMAP Pedometer

Through BikeJournal.com, I just discovered Googles, GMAP Pedometer. If you havent seen or tried it check it out. Basically, it allows you, via google maps, to map a track log or cue sheet for walking, biking and jogging routes. I use it for cycling, but it would also be great for sending directions to a visiting relavitve perhaps or directions to your company or any other application like that.

Here is a screen cap -->

I made this route today, based on a typical route we (wife and I) take cycling.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

April Art Show

If you happen to be in Portland, Maine during April stop by Zharra's Monumental Coffee Shop located in Monument Square, and Breaking New Grounds on Exchange Street. Steve Dean Art will be hanging for you viewing pleasure, and available for purchase as well. Prices range from $35-100. Cheap. Steve will also do commission work if you like. Here are two examples.

Busy Brain

Mark 96.1

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mars Geology- some slingshot thoughts-

Exploring Google today I came across GoogleMars. Within seconds I was completely lost in this world... And after staring at the map I have keyed in on these things:

  • First, there are fewer impact craters in the north hemisphere;
  • Second, there was an obvious liquid event;
  • Third, the water event 'washed out' most of the craters in the northern hemisphere;
  • Four, few craters in the 'volcanic' region; which means the volcanoes occurred after the impacts.
  • All the liquid originated from the Zero-1 km depth (yellow-to green) and lower.
  • The liquid had higher velocity below
    3 km. as evidenced by the development of 'dune' directions/lineation in the blue, but craters are still present in the greens.
  • I'm also wondering if we can start to make assumptions of rock composition based on crater impacts, in that, some craters form with a center point while others do not. And that the similar types are adjacent. Large Scale thought.
Further thoughts are in the mixer but need to compose the thought some more before posting it. I found that 1-WORLD-GLOBES has totally excellent 3-d scale globes of Mars and Earth for sale.

Anyone wanna buy me one?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kona Re-build. DONE.


I picked it up from Percy mid-last week. Quite honestly I was excited to get it back. Kona is now running with:
  • new ritchey headset;
  • crank and ring (parts);
  • a chain (parts);
  • converted to 8-speed;
  • suntour bar end friction shifter
  • new rear hoop (sun rim cr18);
  • bb rebuild;
  • handbars are now set ram horn style (parts). i like this better than i thought because it give me more room in the cockpit;
  • break levers (parts; shimano - each different type)
  • 4 new breakpads;
  • and bar tape.
thats about it.

I took it out for its virgin ride after bring re-born and did a near by 8.6 mile loop in 33 minutes. This my be become my everyday commuter.