Friday, September 10, 2004

Mad hikin'

Last Sunday to Monday I hiked Mount Adams in the White mountains of New Hampshire. My good friend and his wife to be. We took Lowe's Path to the Gray Knob Cabin, dropped our packs and headed to the summit. It was quite an amazing view at 5799 feet. Above tree line, nothing but rocks and scrub grass at that point. I gotta get back there.

This weekend im headed over to the Bigelows with my dog Watson. It will be his first real hike. My wife and I took...Actually I should say I took my wife and him up Tumbledown mtn. They both did quite well. My wife doesn't really have the mind game that hiking demands. She is way more than prepared physically but cant stand the repetitiveness and solitude that hiking demands. Anyway.

I think well have a good time. Weather should hold.

Katahdin is comming right up, so I better be prepared.