Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The General Story

So in like...1986 I got it. The R.L. Osborne, Hustler Pro, General -freestyle bike. I bought the frame --*somewhere*-- and built it up from parts I had from previous bikes I had acquired until I had all the mods. I would need. I was patient and it eventually was complete.

TODAY, 21 years later...*woah..ok that was a long time ago...smmmm--ppphhhhaaa ok.* I was out for a walk (beautiful day, by the way -strong sun-mid-30's) and headed to Percy's, just to see whats up with the Kona, discuss details : Need to straighten out the new handle bar/ shifter set up and new/used crank build up. (Kona's going to 8 speed with a single 44 up front) so that was cool. But while I was there I got set up with a new pair of rims for the General. I like 'em! and the totally fit the look of the bike.

And here is the pic I took tonight with the new wheel set..

What you cant see is that the rear hub is blue anodized like the handle bars and the front hub is red anodized. They look really good on it. Now I will just spend a little time cleaning the whole thing and re-run all the break cables.

I noticed that the crank is a little loose in the BB. maybe Ill get to that this summer..for...

General Phase2.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Kona Re-build. -II

Well, I dropped the KONA off at Percys on Wednesday. I really wanted to do the whole bike but i dont have a BB tool and headset press. so off to the shop.

Anyway, the Kona will be getting a headset, and re-pack the BB. While it is there, and since he has the parts and I don't -(key factor) she'll also be gettin' a new chain and crank build up the from spare parts with a single 42. Ill be keeping an 8 speed rear. We will refit the bars with a ram-horn and sun-tour bar end shifter, i think the stem will need to change too. probably.


Obama!, Obama!...Gooooooo OBAMA!.

The Clinton campaign demanded that Obama return DreamWorks studio co- founder David Geffen's money after Geffen criticized the Clintons as dishonest, among other things. Obama declined, and his spokesman criticized Clinton in return for accepting the support of a South Carolina lawmaker who said Obama can't win because he's black.

Obama told donors at a Houston fundraiser Thursday night that the nation will remain at a standstill "if we continue to engage in small and divisive politics and tit-for-tat."

"Our country is at a crossroads right now," he said, citing problems in Iraq and domestically with education, energy and health care. "It's not as if we don't know what the solutions are. What's missing is the inability of our leadership to develop consensus." --

I love this move. Its says to me that Obama believes and is saying that the Clintons are 'dishonest, among other things'. Well, because as i see it THEY ARE!.

See More Here

SlingShot Thought of the day.. that if everybody had to drive then we should all be driving the smallest car possible. No shit, right?
But that the tax deductions to encourage the purchase of large vehicles (Trucks and Hummers), obviously favors the American car manuf. to the point where they have been able to bloat their vehicles so large that it is increasing the drain on the oil and gas supply. I think all this was masterminded to boost the American car company sales and the profits of oil companies.

The car companies themselves are now too big from the incentives and is in part is adding their decline in sales and sustainable company size. Good bye Ford, Hello Toyota.

i dontknow...

The other thought is that all cars should have a bumper at a common height to improve saftey regardless of car type. Truck, car, Bus, tractor trailer.

A page I enjoy is Check it out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blizzard '07-The Fall Out

What an extiting title, i can hear the deep boom of Ron Burgundy.. Cant you?

So, yeah...we got 12-inhces of snow. Shouldn't we have at about three of these storms by now? But youknow what..I dont care. There I said it. I got in more cycling than I have in the previous 2 or 3 combined. I cant wait to get back out there again. Untill then I will just have to ride the hamster wheel, watch "The Science of Lance Armstrong"-AGaiN and post pictures of last season.

Come onnnn March!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sling-shot Thought of the Day

Standing with a NyQuil and Sudafed induced haze at the flower store today waiting to cash out my lovely purchase for my valentine a thought occurred to me: The north-east is waiting for the arrival of our biggest snow blast of the season. It will hit Wednesday, keeping most sane people indoors. Wednesday is also Valentines Day. So…the thought then became…Will there be a small baby boom in November?

Wait and see.

I plan on being outside snowblowing the driveway and playing with the dogs. Wife and I have a vacation to get to in July and it would suck to have here waddling around and unable to consume the fine fu-fu drinks they serve up.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kona Re-build.

I need a winter bike. This whole -no riding because the roads suck and i dont want to trash my good bike- thing is starting to kill me. I spoke with Percy at the local LBS to make a choice. Buy new, or build up ol' reliable.
To fix or not to fix, THAT is the question.

The bike in question is a '92 era Kona Cinder Cone-black. Everything on it is original except the grips...everything including the chain. To say it has had a hard life would be an understatement.

I bought in new in mid-93 for $500 and took it to college where it went though its paces as a muddy trail monster, and washed in the dorm showers. It turned into a semi-commuter during the later part of school and then turned into a full-on 'get my ass back and forth to class' during grad school.

I lent to to a good friend who also provided daily thrasings for his commuting purposes for about three years.
Its a tough bike!

Now it is back to me, hanging in my garage...waiting for re-birth.

The bike hiding behind it is a pimped 86-87 R.L. Osborne General 20" freestyle bmx bike. THAT bike is a WHOLE other post. My first baby.

Anyway back to the needs a new headset, bottom bracket, crank set, rear cogs, and shifter. I want to put on a single ring up fron and leave 8 in the back to minimize the look but still leave a good range. I might change the stem and bars to add a different style bar more like a ram horn style to extend my strecth on it a little.

Time will tell how well the rebuild it like Johnny Cash... 'One Piece at a Time'

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Floyd in '07

Well Bicylcing magazine is reporting that Floyd Landis is has pretty much written of the 2007 racing season. It shouldnt be a supprise really. But one does have to wonder how well he would have done with that new hip. Could he really have been a contender to win the TDF in 07. I find it hard to belive but I suppose the technology and training that went to that hip and body could make it possible. an exceprt from his web site reads:

Floyd has now passed the 3 month mark following his Birmingham hip resurfacing. He has regained full strength, power and range of motion and is completely pain free. His one leg power tests now show that the new hip is actually stronger than the other side. With normal length restored to his femur and the elimination of his chronic pain, Floyd is riding uninhibited for the first time in nearly 4 years.

I really just wish that there would be a final ruling and end this thing.
Its becomming frustrating.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mice..night two

if anyone is counting monday nights total brings the kill count to 4.
and tuesday night there was no **skittering** to be heard.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

They call me "Mice Slayer"

It all started when the little bastards stared gnawing on one of wifes rubbery slotted spoons.


So of course I went to Home Depot for battle supplies. Two old school style mouse traps, and two of the stickypad ones. I placed the stickypad trap where it looked like they were walking. With not much luck we needed to change the plan.

Shortly thereafter we heard them above our heads in the attic.... *skitter skitter skitter*
AH HA! I have them zeroed in.

To the attic i climb, searching for their evidence. And there towards the back I found a small hole in the obvious entrance. I buttered up the two snap traps and set the by the hole on super bowl Sunday.

Last evening I went up to check the traps... "Yessah! i got two. " One looked like it had been severed in half...the odd thing was that I could not find the other half of the body. I replaced the traps.

During the night I heard more of the little bastards. I also think i heard a trap snap shut. So Ill head up there tonight and see if i have increased the mouse kill to 3 or more.

later Ill post graphic pictures of the kills.