Friday, August 18, 2006

Dont Deport 'em...Deploy 'em

Here's a crazy idea. For any of these Mexican immigrants caught illegally crossing the border into the US; instead of processing their information and shipping them home, the US should start processing them right into the Army. They are looking for work, right? Well, here's a job. The Army recruiting goals would exceede expectations. There would be additional troops to rotate into Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever else.

It could also drastically cut the # of illegals attempting to cross. There would now be a REAL RISK if they were caught. None of this manmsy-pamsy BS of sending them back, only for them to try again and again and again.

The reward to the new solider is of course the salary, but to sweeten the deal -full citizenship at the end of their 4 year duty. We already know that they can walk endless hours across the hot desert. Its a win-win.

It of course could morph into a whole basic policy change....Fast track to citizenship...join the army.