Friday, September 10, 2004

Mad hikin'

Last Sunday to Monday I hiked Mount Adams in the White mountains of New Hampshire. My good friend and his wife to be. We took Lowe's Path to the Gray Knob Cabin, dropped our packs and headed to the summit. It was quite an amazing view at 5799 feet. Above tree line, nothing but rocks and scrub grass at that point. I gotta get back there.

This weekend im headed over to the Bigelows with my dog Watson. It will be his first real hike. My wife and I took...Actually I should say I took my wife and him up Tumbledown mtn. They both did quite well. My wife doesn't really have the mind game that hiking demands. She is way more than prepared physically but cant stand the repetitiveness and solitude that hiking demands. Anyway.

I think well have a good time. Weather should hold.

Katahdin is comming right up, so I better be prepared.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Hair Cut Story

So there'sthis one time I needed a hair cut. It was like early June and I was starting to look like 'the mad scientist'. So while I was driving for work I remember a place I saw over by the airport. "Men's Hair Cuts' 5$" in red paint on a white sidewalk easel.

"Nice, this is right up my alley." *For some reason I have a REAL hard time paying much for a hair cut. I mean all they are doing is ~cutting your hair with scissors~ >who cant do that? Seriously?

Anyway, I get there and I walk up a mostly undecorated long hall, and long stairs leading to yet another long undecorated hallway. Painted gray.

"Linda's' something or other....

*Knock, Knock, Knock* I start to walk a way. It is after 5.
Then the door opens and a head peaks out. But not normal adult height. Like the height of the door knob. A woman late 50's? Large, plastic lens, horribly out of date glasses.

*DOH! a midget, don't smile. this is a regular person.* *right**ok**here we go* Is the first thing I thought.

So I ask for a hair cut and go inside. Its a typical hair salon. And its not like I could just back out. I was committed to getting a hair cut. so NOW im thinking "Im gonna get my hair cut by a midget. Weird. Weird. Cool. Weird. Ok Lets do it" And right at that point a normal sized woman "Linda" comes out. *PHEW*.

It turns out the midget was a helper.

But then I realize the place REEEEEEKKKSS!!! of nail polish remover. So im sitting there with Linda cutting away. and she's real talkative, and im just not even listening....I just keep stealing looks at the midget. And I think some more....
"why did it take so long for them to answer the door?, things here seem a bit tweaked, I just cat put my foot on it. are they stoned? coke? nah not coke no need for odor cover up. have they smoked a dube. mabye....." and on and on.

So turns out I get the SHIIITIEST haircut I ever had.

Needless to say but, I dont go there no mo'.