Saturday, April 28, 2007

Great Day for a Ride

On Sunday last I prepared the Trek and hit the road. I needed the ride after driving for 8 hours the day before.
With no real loop in mind, but feeling strong I ended up taking myself across the Dresden swing bridge and up Blinn Hill. At the top of Blinn Hill I could see Mt. Washington in the distance. It must be 75 miles away but there it was.

On the decent from Blinn I got my speed up to 51 mph. My highest ever. after 45 it starts to get scary fast. But my skills are good and my fear is minimal. As i bottomed out of the decline I let out a big " woo hoooooo".

On the return home I met another rider...he had been to Wiscassett and was nearly done for the day. We rode along together for a couple of miles. I still had about a dozen miles to get home.

I sped up the drive way and looked at my computer. 46 miles.

That is a good day of riding.

Uncle Johnny

My dads uncle Johnny (UJ) is a hell of a character. Now in his 70's with a full head of white, usually messy hair. UJ has smoked as long as anyone knows. His voice reflects that. I think if he stopped smoking at this point it would be worse for his health.

I rode with him and my grandmother to the memorial service I previously posted about. We drove in his white 1993 Chrysler something HUGE. When I say HUGE i don't mean big like a boat. I mean big like an ocean liner. And it floats down the road like one too. The hood from front windshield to hood ornament must be at least 5 feet. Anyway, UJ is getting older, like everyone, so i figured it'd be good time to ask question about nonchalant as possible.

I learned that in early 50's a good friend of his died at a young age.

His anger of that loss drove him to join the military. " I just had to get away. I was so fuckin' mad." He told me. He ended up patrolling the locks in Panama while the Korean War waged on, on the other side of the Pacific. "It was a good duty."
UJ told me briefly about participating in jungle warfare exercises and drills. That it was very humid. It would rain everyday and that the rain drops were 'this big' he hold up his thumb and forefinger making a loop the size of a quarter.

At that point we had to pay a toll at the Ted Williams Tunnel and the story ended as he paid the three bucks to pass.

Memorial Services

On Saturday last week my brother and I attended a memorial service for a second cousin once removed.
She was 24.
Death is sad.
Death of young people, death of children before their parents is tragic.
There were approximately 150 people milling about. Seemingly lost in the reality of the situation. Because of her age, there were many of her peers in attendance. Unlike the same service may have been for someone who has lived 70...80...or more years.
For them it was a sad and tearful occasion.
For me and my brother it reminded us of when our friend died at 22. For us that time was the same as this day.

Life moves forward. Time marches on.

However, our memories remain and theirs will too.

Attitudes vary.

A good friend of mine sent me this picture he took during a recent trip to some southern states. As they say a picture says a thousand word. These are the same ignorant, uneducated morons that still think GWB is on the right track in Iraq (but that is my opinion).

  • I post this image to expose the ignorance.
  • I post this image to say that all Americans do not think this way.
  • I post this image to raise awareness.
  • I post this image to show the freedoms of expression in our country.
  • I post this image to say there is a better way.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stupid People

Blog entries are best when there is something to jump up and down about. So today...actually it started last week.

Last week
I am conducting a survey to confirm which properties have public water connections. So I generate a list by Map and Lot number, contact the water district and send the list. I get a call back saying they can only check their information by street address and/or name. Fine.

I make the fucking list.
I fax it.
Call to confirm. They didn't get it.
I fax it.
Call to confirm. They didn't get it.
I fax it
Call to confirm. They got it..oh. actually they got three. Really? IS anyone paying fucking attention over there? Fuck!

So the woman who was supposed to do this for me is out today. And I learned that she passed the task to Debbie.

So they I ask if someone might be able to look at it today. "hold on ill patch you over to Debbie."

Great now I'm getting somewhere, or am I?

Debbie: " Hi Marylin is out today she will get it tomorrow. she is the only one who can do it"

You fucking douche, i know she passed the task to you. you just dont want to do it. fucker!

Apparently NO ONE IN THE FUCKING OFFICE knows how to use a computer.
type in the address.
write on the nice list i sent a yes or no

goddamn mothafuckahs! Bird brains.
A bunch of hens in the hen house, go to work to chat all day.

Fuck I'm aggravated.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SlingShot Thought of the Day


So, when we begin to colonize and travel through space, can we use people who are parapeligecs to operate the ships?

What about someone with no legs all at all?

Could it be that, the less % of body there is than, the heart would have an easier time of pushing the blood througout. Would it be more condusive to life in zero gravity? There is no gravity so movement does not require legs. The boudy would be smaller, so the living and working quarters are smaller.

What use is there for our legs in pure space?

Any doctors out there?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

of Guitarists

Sunday- Stuck inside and waiting for the storm to come in I was watching a Joe Satriani concert on HDNET. No doubt the guy can play the guitar. And was great to watch and listen to. I even got the surround sound fired up. But after a while the thought occured to me, JS is too self centered to make me really be a huge fan.

Oh well. Surfin' with an Alien is still a good recordign.


The news would have me believe that the storm of the century is comming.
"Thea'll be no bread for 4 days...ahhhhhh"

of course we are preparing. wife is cooking foods all day and has the shopping done for a least a week. that i type is, is definately not enough for a maojor disater but, should everything go according to current reality, be fine to ride this storm out.
the arrival of the storm motivated me to cut down a couple of big hemlocks this morning. I had been suspicus of them since we moved here. and now, one was dead and one turned out to be hollow from ants.
{They were 80-90 footers. I counted 130 +/-10 rings. }
{I'd rather take them at my will, than let Mother Nature take them at hers.}
{Having these down sure will allow a lot more sun light down to the ground.}
{Warm it up and dry it out.}
{They have been on the 'to-do' list for a while.}
{Feels nice to know they are laying in the yard.}

I swept the basement and made sure everything was up at least 4-inches above the floor. If we lose power the sump wont run and the basement could (likely) flood. Last time is was 4 inches. -we'll pray for less-

it's kind of fun getting ready for a storm sometimes so i get right it to it.
what else is there i can do?

Monday, April 09, 2007


Well this story is runnin' wild. The "Obama photo". Well it would seem to me that the Hillary camp has finally formulated the chink in OBAMAS armor. They will ride this point like a hooker at a donkey show until he concedes.

DON'T GIVE IN to her.

here's a clip from

" A snapshot of Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and his chief political/media adviser David Axelrod -- taken in the Senator’s Capitol Hill office!

"Congressional ethics rules forbid the use of federal office space for political and campaign activity."

"Obama and Axelrod are old buddies whose relationship dates back years and they could have been having an innocuous conversation, "
“It could be seen as a rookie mistake,”
the consultant said.

I feel like if i comment Id be passing judgments on the guy and Id hate to add to reducing the integrity of the blogoshpere...but this is

Ill add that this situation seems it could easily blow out of proportion.
Please think.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A January Day

Here is an pic I just came across today. Its from a hike I took back in January 2007. It was short but we did have a steady 35 mph wind with 40+ gusts at the top.

Actually I took video this trip and posted it to you tube. Check it Out!

Deviled Eggs

Quite honestly the deviled egg never appealed to me. It's just a hardboiled egg with shit in it, Right? Maybe it's just because I never had a good one? Until today that is! When WIFE prepared the finest deviled egg this side of Hades. In the fill mixe she added they typicall seasonings plus bacon bits (real bacon thank you very much) AND shrimp. Oh my they were tasty.

I fired back 4 like they were M&M's.

Happy Easter.

Bathroom Reading

Here are some words to ponder for a moment.

I didn't know what it was from until I googled "Alexandra Fuller". I was hoping some person in Portland was bright enough to write this, but as least someone in the area has read it and shares the message. Which apprears to be positive in the first half but in the second half I have to disagree with the statement of ' not trying to determine right, wrong, good and evil".

Of course it's useful to try, the tricky part is that we are all using our own internal ~rules~ to make the determination.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

British Soliders

Feels like it's been a year since my last post....anyway.

I only have a minute here so Ill get right to it and keep it short.

Recently, when the British soliders were taken hostage by the I-ranians, instead of giving up they should have just staring firing upon them with whatever weapons they had on board. Tell the I-rans "FUCK OFF!, You want me, come and get me!" and take out as many as possible. Empty the mags, boys! Then dive into the water and swim like a mothafuckah.

Stir up a real big pot of shit.

I wish we could get I-ranian television with english sub-titles, or sumthin'. I would love to see the propaganda. I see enough US propaganda as it is, some slanted foreign messages might be intersting too.