Sunday, April 15, 2007

of Guitarists

Sunday- Stuck inside and waiting for the storm to come in I was watching a Joe Satriani concert on HDNET. No doubt the guy can play the guitar. And was great to watch and listen to. I even got the surround sound fired up. But after a while the thought occured to me, JS is too self centered to make me really be a huge fan.

Oh well. Surfin' with an Alien is still a good recordign.

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  1. How could someone NOT be full of himself when gazillions of male guitar-geeks fawn over him like, well.. like a GOD er something.

    I was drug kicking and screaming to, I mean WENT to one of his live concerts with my husband. The concert hall was PACKED and I think I was one of 20 females in the place. It was the only time I have attended a large public event and been able to walk right into the womens restroom AND into a stall - whilst the mens line wrapped around the building.

    And every man I encountered (including the hubby) were all a twitter about JS... his peddle effects, guitars, his shades, his fingering - I'm thinking idolatry :)