Saturday, April 28, 2007

Uncle Johnny

My dads uncle Johnny (UJ) is a hell of a character. Now in his 70's with a full head of white, usually messy hair. UJ has smoked as long as anyone knows. His voice reflects that. I think if he stopped smoking at this point it would be worse for his health.

I rode with him and my grandmother to the memorial service I previously posted about. We drove in his white 1993 Chrysler something HUGE. When I say HUGE i don't mean big like a boat. I mean big like an ocean liner. And it floats down the road like one too. The hood from front windshield to hood ornament must be at least 5 feet. Anyway, UJ is getting older, like everyone, so i figured it'd be good time to ask question about nonchalant as possible.

I learned that in early 50's a good friend of his died at a young age.

His anger of that loss drove him to join the military. " I just had to get away. I was so fuckin' mad." He told me. He ended up patrolling the locks in Panama while the Korean War waged on, on the other side of the Pacific. "It was a good duty."
UJ told me briefly about participating in jungle warfare exercises and drills. That it was very humid. It would rain everyday and that the rain drops were 'this big' he hold up his thumb and forefinger making a loop the size of a quarter.

At that point we had to pay a toll at the Ted Williams Tunnel and the story ended as he paid the three bucks to pass.

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