Sunday, April 15, 2007


The news would have me believe that the storm of the century is comming.
"Thea'll be no bread for 4 days...ahhhhhh"

of course we are preparing. wife is cooking foods all day and has the shopping done for a least a week. that i type is, is definately not enough for a maojor disater but, should everything go according to current reality, be fine to ride this storm out.
the arrival of the storm motivated me to cut down a couple of big hemlocks this morning. I had been suspicus of them since we moved here. and now, one was dead and one turned out to be hollow from ants.
{They were 80-90 footers. I counted 130 +/-10 rings. }
{I'd rather take them at my will, than let Mother Nature take them at hers.}
{Having these down sure will allow a lot more sun light down to the ground.}
{Warm it up and dry it out.}
{They have been on the 'to-do' list for a while.}
{Feels nice to know they are laying in the yard.}

I swept the basement and made sure everything was up at least 4-inches above the floor. If we lose power the sump wont run and the basement could (likely) flood. Last time is was 4 inches. -we'll pray for less-

it's kind of fun getting ready for a storm sometimes so i get right it to it.
what else is there i can do?

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