Saturday, April 07, 2007

British Soliders

Feels like it's been a year since my last post....anyway.

I only have a minute here so Ill get right to it and keep it short.

Recently, when the British soliders were taken hostage by the I-ranians, instead of giving up they should have just staring firing upon them with whatever weapons they had on board. Tell the I-rans "FUCK OFF!, You want me, come and get me!" and take out as many as possible. Empty the mags, boys! Then dive into the water and swim like a mothafuckah.

Stir up a real big pot of shit.

I wish we could get I-ranian television with english sub-titles, or sumthin'. I would love to see the propaganda. I see enough US propaganda as it is, some slanted foreign messages might be intersting too.


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  1. Check out the 'new' Republican Guard Hotel in Tehran here...!