Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mt. Field

Mt. Field (4340'). For this hike myslef, the Halforc, his wife and Mugsy left from the Crawford Notch Visitor Center up the Avalon Trail, over Mt. Avalon (3442'), to Mt. Field. We decended the loop via Mt. Willey trail to A-Z trail and out on Avalon. Posted by Picasa It was a 5.9 mile day. Temps at the peak of Field were ZERO deg. F. with a -30 wind chill.

Then there was the ride home. Just as we got on to 302, I started to snap in to my Slim Jim. I drifted out of the car tracks and into the snow, on a bend in the road. THe ass end of my Tercel went right, I counter steered. Then we started left...and left and left. We were now in a 360 death spin. Mugsy is saying "WE'RE FUCKED!, WE'RE FUCKED!, WE'RE FUCKED!" I slamed on the breakes. We came full circle...the guard rail was approacing...and we stopped. *ting* inches from the guardrail, in a small snow bank. No damage, other than shitting in my pants. I backed off the side of the road and continued with no problems. No harm, No foul.