Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wheel Build Success

I left work early yesterday because of this cold I have (poor me). After I got home I laid on the couch and watched The King of Kong. A very good documentary about the quest to get the world record score in Donkey Kong. I recommend streaming it via NetFlix.
Anyway, afterward, all alone in the house with just one dog, I decided that this was the perfect chance to pull out the rim, spokes, nipples and hub and lace up the wheel.  (The other dog is recovering from an expensive TPLO surgery. Alms for the poor?) I have laced a wheel in the past but it was two years ago and under bike guru consultation.  This time it was all solo and some help from a bike repair manual.  I used a standard 3 cross pattern.  It took me probably longer than it should but in about 90 minutes it was done except truing. 

  • The rim is a gold, aluminum, Velocity Deep-V, 700c, 32 spoke with machined side walls. 
  • Spokes are silver, steel, DT Swiss
  • Hub is a silver, aluminum, Surly, 100mm O.L.D., 32 hole with solid axle.