Friday, December 22, 2006

Dry, dark roads.

So the riding this year has been extended greatly as a result of the lack of snow fall. Which is really making me enjoy the whole global warming concept. Anyway, my riding is way down from the summer peak months but I am still getting out. Though the rides are shorter. Last night I took the Rans in to town to return rental movies.

~11 miles. 46 minutes. 15.3 avg.

I am convinced there is no better way to see the Christmas decorations that people put up this time of year, than to bike by them slowly. The night sky was great from the seat of the 'bent too.

I think in all the ride was very good. But the benefits were far greater. I completely de-stressed. Have re-newed my energy and feel GREAT!

today I feel like...."BRING IT ON!"

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Riding is getting cold.

So i managed to do well over 100 miles in November. Im quite happy about that.
This past Sunday I got in 37 on the 'bent. Tonight after getting home from work wife was complaning that I was grumpy. So I said well Im going for a short ride then.

I had all the lights hooked up to the 'bent and with the front fairing breaks a lot of wind and makes the spin more enjoyable. So I took it out for a dark, 24 deg. F, 8+ mile spin around the block.

I arrived home in a much better mood.

I did have one backup front light. I was stopped to let a car pass before a made a left hand turn. I started to get going foot popped off and kicked the light right off the mount. While the light still works I now must come up with a way to re-attach it.

Im thinking a large amount of duct tape will take care of it nicely.