Sunday, December 23, 2007

A View on Global Warming

Tonight I found this video of a high school science teacher who boils down the global climate change debate to its 'nuts and bolts'. I suggest you watch it intently and think about the issue on the same scale as it put forth....

Thank You.

His YouTube page, with other good vids is here.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I've been pretty lucky in finding these lately. WOGE#78 posted by Ron took me in all kinds of directions before I tracked it down. From ice lands to the Caribbean to eventually Guinea.

Where on Google Earth?

Photo: WOGE#79. Note North arrow.

The location I chose for #79 is pretty tight zoom. But that was the only good way to show that cool landslide feature. I think you smart monkeys out there can figure it out from here.

No Schott Rule today.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

SlingShot Thought *geology*

Tonight I was stumbling through some sites and came across the UBasics and found their solution to the answer "What happens if i dig straight down?"

I first did the obvious thing of finding out that from my house I would end up in the sea south-west of Australia. Great.

Figure Left: Yellow slashes show Chain trend. Green slash, lower frame, Valley trend.

Then, I quickly started just swinging the map around to find where Land and Land would meet. I soon discovered that the hot spot responsible for building the Hawaiian Island chain is located approximately opposite of the Great Rift Valley of Africa. The trends of the Chain and Valley are very nearly similar.

My SlingShot Thought is: Are these features related to internal processes within the earth cores? Some type of...equation balance? force balance? What role does mantle convection come into play? Why have I never noticed this before?

If anyone has thoughts to add or documents for me to understand this potential connection better, please comment.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Art Tuesday

Its Tuesday and if my analytical data is telling me anything, its that Tuesday is my biggest traffic day of the week. So for today I post art. we all need a little more art in our lives. And as usual I will post another piece from Steve Dean.

Of course each piece is for sale and comes framed. Steve will be having a showing on March at Breaking New Grounds in Portland.
Stop by and by something.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

WOGE # 77

I will chalk up finding Ron's WOGE 76 to the good clue of 'paradise'. The atolls he posted are Tahaa and Raiatea located northwest of Tahiti. A place I would love to vacation at some day.

Unlike Ron, I have no students. But I will keep in mind that some may visit I will keep it interesting and fun. Plus the colors are cool.

The view is slightly oblique help enhance the elevation.

Schott Rule is active. Good Luck.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Geology Post : 12-3-07

This photo comes from my field work in 1999. It is in the top 5 cool geology pictures I have. Though the picture quality sucks, the geologic principal is stellar.

The rock is a pelitic schist. The two veins are quartz.

The interesting things to note are that one quartz vein (down from upper left to lower right) is pretty much unchanged. This represents a 'zone of flattening'.
The other quartz vein (the squiggly one; down from upper right to lower left) is within a 'zone of compression'. It demonstrates the direction of compression oriented between approximately N18-40 E.
Which fits in with the regional geology of south western Maine very well.

Teachers, feel free to use in class. Questions? Comments?