Monday, December 10, 2007

Art Tuesday

Its Tuesday and if my analytical data is telling me anything, its that Tuesday is my biggest traffic day of the week. So for today I post art. we all need a little more art in our lives. And as usual I will post another piece from Steve Dean.

Of course each piece is for sale and comes framed. Steve will be having a showing on March at Breaking New Grounds in Portland.
Stop by and by something.


  1. If I weren't so far out in the faux Alaskan bush I'd consider seeing his work in Portland. Providing it were Portland Oregon (which a good hours+ away) and not Maine which is completely out of my jurisdiction...or ability to get to within a reasonable amount of time. :-)

    Great work though! :-)

  2. Thanks Christine for the positive response.

    Well its too bad you cant come to see the show but you can always visit the web site.

  3. Good one, move this drawings into print and sell these bitches online. Kerouac rules, "Dharma Bums" baby - all the way. Though, it would be my assumption that this sketch was developed with the classic "On the Road" in mind which Kerouac wrote in like a day or two, and which kicked off the beat generation. Writing a book in two days. I think he wrote it in a bathroom or something, though. So maybe that wasn't intended to be the nature of this sketch. Either way, you KNOW Jack must've been tossing back some serious stimulants in order to crank a book out in 2 days.

    - Ranger Man