Saturday, December 15, 2007


I've been pretty lucky in finding these lately. WOGE#78 posted by Ron took me in all kinds of directions before I tracked it down. From ice lands to the Caribbean to eventually Guinea.

Where on Google Earth?

Photo: WOGE#79. Note North arrow.

The location I chose for #79 is pretty tight zoom. But that was the only good way to show that cool landslide feature. I think you smart monkeys out there can figure it out from here.

No Schott Rule today.


  1. I took one look at it and I thought "Chaos Crags/Chaos Jumbles" - Lassen Volcanic National Park. And then I noticed that you neglected to remove the latitude and longitude from the photo, so why don't you post another. We've had this come up before - see WoGE #30.

  2. 40 degrees 31' N
    121 degrees 31' W

    Chaos Crags, Lassen National Park.

    A group of young lava domes, ~1000 years old. The landslide feature is a long run out landslide that is (if I recall correctly) just over 100 years old, just pre-dating the Lassen eruption of 1914.

    I would like to say that this solution involved some brilliant insight and deductive reasoning, but I was just going to scan through the Cascades and Lassen was the first place I landed on.

    I already have an idea for #80, I'll have it up tomorrow...

  3. Aw shit. Ron I caught the post error when after proof reading the final post. I reposted right away but it looks like you were too fast for me.

    I'll award the win to Jrepka. Its likely that he solved it without seeing the lat. long. He is also from So. Cal. so I'm sure he has seen this place before.

    Congrats jrepka.

  4. First Joe, thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt. Looks like Ron was right on top of this as well, as usual!

    Anyway, #80 is now up and ready for everyone's perusal. Good Luck!