Saturday, December 08, 2007

WOGE # 77

I will chalk up finding Ron's WOGE 76 to the good clue of 'paradise'. The atolls he posted are Tahaa and Raiatea located northwest of Tahiti. A place I would love to vacation at some day.

Unlike Ron, I have no students. But I will keep in mind that some may visit I will keep it interesting and fun. Plus the colors are cool.

The view is slightly oblique help enhance the elevation.

Schott Rule is active. Good Luck.


  1. Aniakchak Caldera, Alaska Peninsula. The caldera formed about 3400 years ago. Aniakchak is one of the most active volcanoes on the Alaska Peninsula.

  2. Ron. You are the winner of WOGE#77.

    I actually have this image as a desktop background I liked it so much.

    I look forward to 78.

  3. WoGE #78 is posted. No Schott Rule waiting period on this one, so get to it!