Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer Blow Outs

Two weeks ago my friend "Ranger" won a writing contest and 50 pounds of lobster as the prize. A kid friendly group celebration at Winslow Park in Freeport to consume said crustaceans was held. I think I had two bugs and picked though 4 extra bodies.

The this past weekend celebrates the the boys first journey around the sun. That was a quick year. The family gathered like it hasn't in many many years on Saturday. It was bigger than our wedding. Then on the following Sunday Grandpa-G said a local lobster man stopped by and dropped off some more lobsters at no charge. So on Sunday we cooked up 24 lobsters and 20 crabs...with only three eaters. I got through 6 and then shelled 15 into a bowl for lobster rolls and other recipes. Three full pounds of lobster meat. I ended up putting two pounds into the freezer. TWO POUNDS! The third pound will be used for the lobby rolls. Yumm!

I ended up bringing three lob's and 4 crabs over to the Ranger to share the wealth. Its gonna be a hella shellfish week.

I love Maine.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Boy Jew Come Blow Your Horn

I couldn't resist the post title. It fits too perfectly, and the number one rule to get your story read, is have a catchy title.
Sitting in the park today, soaking up the sun I watched as two men wearing some traditional style Jewish clothing were handing out free honey, blowing a shofar (ram's horn) and as I learned publicizing the coming new year -Rosh Hashana.
It turns out that Rabbi Akiva Herzfield of the Congregation Shaarey Tphiloh in Portland is inviting everyone to attend the free service at 4:30pm on Saturday the 19th. this year

"Now is the time to reach out and remind people of their Jewish roots, and to invite them to greet the New Year" -as the good Rabbi is quoted in the September 12, 2009 Portland Daily Sun.

Herzfield and 'David' were also handing out free 4-ounce jars of kosher honey while promoting their new year services.  The honey is made in Portland. The honey is very tasty and you can get more info and even purchase some at OVERLAND HONEY.com.

Easter Eggs

Damn it ! the pictures are on the other camera. Anyway, on saturday morning I went to look at a used car for sale. Only 500$.  A muted blue 1972 Mercedes, 4 door. 240 with a 280 motor.
The story from the guy was that for the past 6 years it has been in the garage. His wife drove it some prior to that. An old guy from Florida drove it only while he was in Maine during the summers. An old lady had it before that.  The fucking car has just over 60,000 miles. Its 37 years old.  $500!.  
The body was in great shape. some work and paint had been done to it in the past but it was not a big deal. After putting a charge to the battery and a little gasoline down the TWO carburetors, it started and ran. And ran great.  What a score! So yeah, we bought it. Its at the garage now. At this point it may only need 4 new breaks. And because of it's age, title required.
After the break work is done there is already a buyer lined up.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Race Across the Sky

Yeah. this looks cool. I hope I will be able to add it to Nextflix.

I also added it to my cycling blog. Stone Temple Ccyling