Monday, September 14, 2009

Easter Eggs

Damn it ! the pictures are on the other camera. Anyway, on saturday morning I went to look at a used car for sale. Only 500$.  A muted blue 1972 Mercedes, 4 door. 240 with a 280 motor.
The story from the guy was that for the past 6 years it has been in the garage. His wife drove it some prior to that. An old guy from Florida drove it only while he was in Maine during the summers. An old lady had it before that.  The fucking car has just over 60,000 miles. Its 37 years old.  $500!.  
The body was in great shape. some work and paint had been done to it in the past but it was not a big deal. After putting a charge to the battery and a little gasoline down the TWO carburetors, it started and ran. And ran great.  What a score! So yeah, we bought it. Its at the garage now. At this point it may only need 4 new breaks. And because of it's age, title required.
After the break work is done there is already a buyer lined up.


  1. And this concludes another episode of "Geology Joe's, Flip this Car."
    What a sweet deal!

  2. Shit!!! 60,000 miles for a 240/280 is nothing. Those cars can eaisly run past 200,000 miles with no problem. Since you indicate that it has carborators, it must not be an SE configuration. It will have a little less torgue but more high end ummmph from those strombergs (if that is what is feeding the engine). That 280 inline 6 is a nice engine. Congratulations on the nice score. I am still looking around the the 1975 Ferrari GTB that needs a little work for $2,000.

  3. thanks bruce. it has 6cyl. my FIL has 2 others with over 300k. and the bodies of those are in ROUGH shape. this one's a beaut.