Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Good Load

Last Sunday we went up back of the house to clear brush and get some cord wood. Wintahs Commin' dont ya know? We were up there for a couple of house loading this truck (see pic) with all the brush and junk wood for transport down to the pit for burnin'. The hardwood has been real nice from this spot...mostly beech. Beech burns real good. Long and hot. Anyway, as we were loading the truck the pile started to get too high to reach so my brother went up top and I handed him limbs from below and we were able to really stack that shit high. We even inserted long 'pole-like limbs to build the effective side walls higher. We even got a 'thats a good load' from the ol' timer next door. Now THAT is best comment possible.

So here we are enjoying the fruits (or should I say beers) of our labor.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Volcanic Vacation Geology

St. Lucia is located in the Lesser Antilles. The chain of islands (Cuba to Tobago-basically) are created from volcanic activity as a result of the Caribbean Plate subducting beneath the South and North American Plates.
'blah blah blah...were are the pics?'

In this picture, yours truly, is standing next to an excellent contact between what I believe to be an andesite conglomerate (tuff perhaps) overlain by a basaltic lava flow. Here is another picture of the same contact looking across the beach and at some nice resort rooms.
And here is some pillow lava at Pigeon Island's Fort Rodney at the north end of the island.

That's all the geology I cared to do on this trip. The sun, pool bar and food were too much of a distraction. Better luck next time.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Vacation Stuff:Part 2

When we arrived we learned that our room was upgraded. No reason. Just upgraded. Who am I to argue with that?

So we ended up with a room with a suite. Ill post a vid of it over on my you tube page shortly. But anyway, the room included room service and a mini bar.
You can see the Absolute, tanqueray, JD, Bounty rum, and bottle of red wine. In the 'fridge there was all the mixers, plus 3 Heineken, 3 Pitons, a bottle of champagne and water and tonic water.

Too much to drink so I focused my effort on the Jack Daniels. Well we hit the beers, wine and champagne too but by the end of our stay respectable dent in that bottle of JD.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How was my vacation?


more posts coming, after I get my shit back in order.

(p.s. this picture is not faked in anyway. crazy I KNOW!)