Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Good Load

Last Sunday we went up back of the house to clear brush and get some cord wood. Wintahs Commin' dont ya know? We were up there for a couple of house loading this truck (see pic) with all the brush and junk wood for transport down to the pit for burnin'. The hardwood has been real nice from this spot...mostly beech. Beech burns real good. Long and hot. Anyway, as we were loading the truck the pile started to get too high to reach so my brother went up top and I handed him limbs from below and we were able to really stack that shit high. We even inserted long 'pole-like limbs to build the effective side walls higher. We even got a 'thats a good load' from the ol' timer next door. Now THAT is best comment possible.

So here we are enjoying the fruits (or should I say beers) of our labor.


  1. haaha nice post! thanks for the visit!

  2. Way to go, Joe. Heck of job.... Whooops, who said that? Anyway, perfect time to get ready for winter.