Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Riding is getting cold.

So i managed to do well over 100 miles in November. Im quite happy about that.
This past Sunday I got in 37 on the 'bent. Tonight after getting home from work wife was complaning that I was grumpy. So I said well Im going for a short ride then.

I had all the lights hooked up to the 'bent and with the front fairing breaks a lot of wind and makes the spin more enjoyable. So I took it out for a dark, 24 deg. F, 8+ mile spin around the block.

I arrived home in a much better mood.

I did have one casuality....my backup front light. I was stopped to let a car pass before a made a left hand turn. I started to get going again...my foot popped off and kicked the light right off the mount. While the light still works I now must come up with a way to re-attach it.

Im thinking a large amount of duct tape will take care of it nicely.

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