Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stupid People

Blog entries are best when there is something to jump up and down about. So today...actually it started last week.

Last week
I am conducting a survey to confirm which properties have public water connections. So I generate a list by Map and Lot number, contact the water district and send the list. I get a call back saying they can only check their information by street address and/or name. Fine.

I make the fucking list.
I fax it.
Call to confirm. They didn't get it.
I fax it.
Call to confirm. They didn't get it.
I fax it
Call to confirm. They got it..oh. actually they got three. Really? IS anyone paying fucking attention over there? Fuck!

So the woman who was supposed to do this for me is out today. And I learned that she passed the task to Debbie.

So they I ask if someone might be able to look at it today. "hold on ill patch you over to Debbie."

Great now I'm getting somewhere, or am I?

Debbie: " Hi Marylin is out today she will get it tomorrow. she is the only one who can do it"

You fucking douche, i know she passed the task to you. you just dont want to do it. fucker!

Apparently NO ONE IN THE FUCKING OFFICE knows how to use a computer.
type in the address.
write on the nice list i sent a yes or no

goddamn mothafuckahs! Bird brains.
A bunch of hens in the hen house, go to work to chat all day.

Fuck I'm aggravated.


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  1. But wait Mr. Joe... How do you REALLY feel??? :)