Saturday, April 28, 2007

Great Day for a Ride

On Sunday last I prepared the Trek and hit the road. I needed the ride after driving for 8 hours the day before.
With no real loop in mind, but feeling strong I ended up taking myself across the Dresden swing bridge and up Blinn Hill. At the top of Blinn Hill I could see Mt. Washington in the distance. It must be 75 miles away but there it was.

On the decent from Blinn I got my speed up to 51 mph. My highest ever. after 45 it starts to get scary fast. But my skills are good and my fear is minimal. As i bottomed out of the decline I let out a big " woo hoooooo".

On the return home I met another rider...he had been to Wiscassett and was nearly done for the day. We rode along together for a couple of miles. I still had about a dozen miles to get home.

I sped up the drive way and looked at my computer. 46 miles.

That is a good day of riding.

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