Tuesday, February 06, 2007

They call me "Mice Slayer"

It all started when the little bastards stared gnawing on one of wifes rubbery slotted spoons.


So of course I went to Home Depot for battle supplies. Two old school style mouse traps, and two of the stickypad ones. I placed the stickypad trap where it looked like they were walking. With not much luck we needed to change the plan.

Shortly thereafter we heard them above our heads in the attic.... *skitter skitter skitter*
AH HA! I have them zeroed in.

To the attic i climb, searching for their evidence. And there towards the back I found a small hole in the insulation...an obvious entrance. I buttered up the two snap traps and set the by the hole on super bowl Sunday.

Last evening I went up to check the traps... "Yessah! i got two. " One looked like it had been severed in half...the odd thing was that I could not find the other half of the body. I replaced the traps.

During the night I heard more of the little bastards. I also think i heard a trap snap shut. So Ill head up there tonight and see if i have increased the mouse kill to 3 or more.

later Ill post graphic pictures of the kills.

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