Friday, February 23, 2007

SlingShot Thought of the day.. that if everybody had to drive then we should all be driving the smallest car possible. No shit, right?
But that the tax deductions to encourage the purchase of large vehicles (Trucks and Hummers), obviously favors the American car manuf. to the point where they have been able to bloat their vehicles so large that it is increasing the drain on the oil and gas supply. I think all this was masterminded to boost the American car company sales and the profits of oil companies.

The car companies themselves are now too big from the incentives and is in part is adding their decline in sales and sustainable company size. Good bye Ford, Hello Toyota.

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The other thought is that all cars should have a bumper at a common height to improve saftey regardless of car type. Truck, car, Bus, tractor trailer.

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