Friday, February 23, 2007


Obama!, Obama!...Gooooooo OBAMA!.

The Clinton campaign demanded that Obama return DreamWorks studio co- founder David Geffen's money after Geffen criticized the Clintons as dishonest, among other things. Obama declined, and his spokesman criticized Clinton in return for accepting the support of a South Carolina lawmaker who said Obama can't win because he's black.

Obama told donors at a Houston fundraiser Thursday night that the nation will remain at a standstill "if we continue to engage in small and divisive politics and tit-for-tat."

"Our country is at a crossroads right now," he said, citing problems in Iraq and domestically with education, energy and health care. "It's not as if we don't know what the solutions are. What's missing is the inability of our leadership to develop consensus." --

I love this move. Its says to me that Obama believes and is saying that the Clintons are 'dishonest, among other things'. Well, because as i see it THEY ARE!.

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  1. marty jarmulowicz3/11/2007 02:59:00 PM

    When all is said and done it will be a Clinton/Obama ticket. Putting too much emphasis on what is being said now is like saying the Sox will win now that they have a japanese pitcher. Its only spring training, its only pre-election rhetoric. The two should team up early to show that the democrats are a party of unity and not more of the same old same old that the political machines have been shitting out and feeding us for so long.