Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The General Story

So in like...1986 I got it. The R.L. Osborne, Hustler Pro, General -freestyle bike. I bought the frame --*somewhere*-- and built it up from parts I had from previous bikes I had acquired until I had all the mods. I would need. I was patient and it eventually was complete.

TODAY, 21 years later...*woah..ok that was a long time ago...smmmm--ppphhhhaaa ok.* I was out for a walk (beautiful day, by the way -strong sun-mid-30's) and headed to Percy's, just to see whats up with the Kona, discuss details : Need to straighten out the new handle bar/ shifter set up and new/used crank build up. (Kona's going to 8 speed with a single 44 up front) so that was cool. But while I was there I got set up with a new pair of rims for the General. I like 'em! and the totally fit the look of the bike.

And here is the pic I took tonight with the new wheel set..

What you cant see is that the rear hub is blue anodized like the handle bars and the front hub is red anodized. They look really good on it. Now I will just spend a little time cleaning the whole thing and re-run all the break cables.

I noticed that the crank is a little loose in the BB. maybe Ill get to that this summer..for...

General Phase2.

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