Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kona Re-build. DONE.


I picked it up from Percy mid-last week. Quite honestly I was excited to get it back. Kona is now running with:
  • new ritchey headset;
  • crank and ring (parts);
  • a chain (parts);
  • converted to 8-speed;
  • suntour bar end friction shifter
  • new rear hoop (sun rim cr18);
  • bb rebuild;
  • handbars are now set ram horn style (parts). i like this better than i thought because it give me more room in the cockpit;
  • break levers (parts; shimano - each different type)
  • 4 new breakpads;
  • and bar tape.
thats about it.

I took it out for its virgin ride after bring re-born and did a near by 8.6 mile loop in 33 minutes. This my be become my everyday commuter.

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  1. Hey GeoJoe-
    Check out "Dust to Glory" (dvd), you will see some badass machines tearing up the geology of Baja..
    Dig it.