Thursday, February 08, 2007

Floyd in '07

Well Bicylcing magazine is reporting that Floyd Landis is has pretty much written of the 2007 racing season. It shouldnt be a supprise really. But one does have to wonder how well he would have done with that new hip. Could he really have been a contender to win the TDF in 07. I find it hard to belive but I suppose the technology and training that went to that hip and body could make it possible. an exceprt from his web site reads:

Floyd has now passed the 3 month mark following his Birmingham hip resurfacing. He has regained full strength, power and range of motion and is completely pain free. His one leg power tests now show that the new hip is actually stronger than the other side. With normal length restored to his femur and the elimination of his chronic pain, Floyd is riding uninhibited for the first time in nearly 4 years.

I really just wish that there would be a final ruling and end this thing.
Its becomming frustrating.

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