Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kona Re-build.

I need a winter bike. This whole -no riding because the roads suck and i dont want to trash my good bike- thing is starting to kill me. I spoke with Percy at the local LBS to make a choice. Buy new, or build up ol' reliable.
To fix or not to fix, THAT is the question.

The bike in question is a '92 era Kona Cinder Cone-black. Everything on it is original except the grips...everything including the chain. To say it has had a hard life would be an understatement.

I bought in new in mid-93 for $500 and took it to college where it went though its paces as a muddy trail monster, and washed in the dorm showers. It turned into a semi-commuter during the later part of school and then turned into a full-on 'get my ass back and forth to class' during grad school.

I lent to to a good friend who also provided daily thrasings for his commuting purposes for about three years.
Its a tough bike!

Now it is back to me, hanging in my garage...waiting for re-birth.

The bike hiding behind it is a pimped 86-87 R.L. Osborne General 20" freestyle bmx bike. THAT bike is a WHOLE other post. My first baby.

Anyway back to the needs a new headset, bottom bracket, crank set, rear cogs, and shifter. I want to put on a single ring up fron and leave 8 in the back to minimize the look but still leave a good range. I might change the stem and bars to add a different style bar more like a ram horn style to extend my strecth on it a little.

Time will tell how well the rebuild it like Johnny Cash... 'One Piece at a Time'

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