Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Update

This past weekend was very nice.

Friday began and ended with a commute to work by bike. As I have mentioned in earlier posts I drive most the way to work (~33 miles) , then ride the final stretch (~14 miles). I made it into work with a 18.9 avg and home with 18.3. I'm pretty sure I was slower because I was carrying more weight in the pannier and also took a different route that had a little bit more climbing to contend with.

On Saturday, dogs and I did our usual 2+ mile nature walk in the morning. Some people might call it a hike, but I'm my mind the relatively flat ground only qualifies it as nature walk. Anyway, when we got back I completed fencing a section of yard on the south side of the property. We have some new neighbors, who also have a dog, so it was high time I keep our critters in.

Sunday, after the yard work got done Mugsy and Tori stopped by on their way back home from up north for a bike ride. We got in a 27-ish mile loop. The four of us will be in the MS-150 this year, so we need to get some training rides in. 27 is good, but not long enough. We need to get in a few 50-70 mile days. Which is really only like 5 hours of riding or so.

Oh yeah also, Mugsy was able to get back in touch with a friend I haven't seen in years, WHEELS! It turns out that he is big into riding and competitive racing. Ill have to get over to Union and go for a ride with him.

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