Monday, June 04, 2007

Raleigh update

I FINALLY got some sweet tires for the Raleigh. Then I took it with me to work last week and went for a spin around town and swung by Percy's to show it off. But it was one comment from 'dude' there that irked me. "Whats up with the double ring?" Well, I just didn't feel like doin' anything about it, and it functions perfectly. *grrrr*

So the next day I went to HomeDesperate and got a cutting kit for my Dremel. I had heard this could be done, so why not try it. Whats the worst thing that can happen? I toast a crap pair of cranks.

That night, I got a couple of beers, some goggles and set to 'er. The results aint that bad actually. And I only cut my thumb once and nicked crank arm once as well.

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