Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tuesday crazy-ness

There are some days that just go by. There are some days that just suck. Then there are days like I had yesterday. Where you just feel GREAT...start to finish.

At work, I was the fucking man. Keeping two people coordinated on-site at underground storage tank removals. " Yes, do this. No, now do that. What are your results? This is what we need for samples. Ok good. Did you talk to the State guy? Is he happy?"

Then I had a project meeting to lay out the next few months. Which was continuously interrupted by then aforementioned on-site jobs.

At noon Wife showed up for lunch. We had sushi. It was goodBack at work, I continued to kick ass. A client had come in to discuss some new tanks they are installting. The existing tanks fucking broke! Leaked some gas and caused a big headache.
So, in that meeting with ClientGuy and BossMan I was able to steer the meeting because I had kept in recent contact with all the other parties involved *(State DEP, ClientLady in Canada and Monkey Subcontractors).

I got the feeling that BossMan was impressed and happy with what I had done.

Then just as Im going home...SmartWorkLady asks me to drop off lab samples on my way home. No Problem.

Then I get home and I rode the Kona into town to return the movie and because I was all pumped up I made it, the 5 miles into town in 16.4 mintues and return in 21 minutes. For an avg. spped of like 17.6 or something. Which is friggin' flying for this bike.

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