Friday, June 01, 2007

Doggie Hair Cuts

Yesterday Watson and Addie spent the day with the groomer. We found that during the summer they were just much too hot with all that fur. Panting all the time. All night. So we decided to get'em shaved. How would you like to wear a fur coat all summer? Not me.

So yesterday was the big day for them. I quickly took some pics and pasted them together. Sorry for the fuzzy quality of the 'after' pics but well... shit happens. Watson is the red merle, Addie the blue merle. Aren't they cute?


  1. Very cute dogs! I love their names!

  2. Thanks. Their names come from Sherlock Holmes stories. Watson should be obvious. Addie is short for Addler, who is Irene Addler from the books. Sherlock respected and was enamored with her.

  3. Oh they are awesome, Joe. I can see their smartness in just these little photos. And one of each color, too.
    Lucky you! Give a skritch behind the ears to each for me.