Monday, June 30, 2008

Fire and Rain

The overcast and misty weather on Saturday made for an excellent opportunity to burn one of the brush piles and have a few beers.

I took the picture a bit early as the flames are only about 10 feet at this point. When the fire was in full force the flames were licking a good 18 feet. But that only lasts for a few minutes.

Now that the pile is gone I'll have to rake out the remaining coals, pick out any metal shit mixed in add a little soil and grass seed and that area will be back in business.

On Sunday I had my annual Bike to Bowdoinham ride. The weather forecast was for heavy down pours, thunder and lightning and hail. I headed down to the meet point and actually had two guys show up. Mr.5.0 and Mr. Discovery.

G.J. "Hi. Thanks for coming. The weather was for heavy rain, lightning and hail"

Mr. 5.0 " Well, I don't have a problem with riding in the rain."

Mr. Discovery is silent.

G.J. " O.K. well I think Ill shorten the loop considering the rain." *thinking maybe we can beat the rain, but knowing that won't happen**

And off we set. I think it was about 20 or so minutes before Mr. 5.0 says " Here it comes." Just then the wind starts whipping up, the trees are shimmering and then.... *Blam* downpour. At this point there was no stopping. For a few reasons:
  • One, once you are wet, you're wet.
  • Two, stopping would make you cold.
  • Three, it's not THAT bad.
Sure you can't really see, your shoes are filled with water and the cold, cold rain is sucking the heat out of your body but you only live once, I know Ill be fine.
The lightning was sketchy.
And we rode on. I and I'm glad. I had a great 25 mile ride with a couple of local riders. And one more good riding story for my blog and for my old age.
-Until next time.


  1. So funny music stuff:
    James Taylor Title, "Fire and Rain"
    Tom Waits phrasing, "..the cold, cold rain"..
    Fear not GeoJoe we getcha!

  2. You crazy mofo you!
    Oh, and "Slip Sliding Away" would be another song..