Tuesday, May 15, 2007

KVBC Saturday Ride

This past Saturday I led a group ride with the bike club I belong to (Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club). We had 10 riders show up, including myself and wife, for my loop through southern Kennebec Valley. The age range was 30 (wife) to 62. At the end of the day I had 50.11 miles. Wife had ~48, as I had to make a run back at one point for a woman who was WOEFULLY underprepared. I never did find her.

Here is a group pic.


  1. I feel for the woman who disappeared... that would be me had I done on a 48-mile run! Especially if there are ANY pubs on the route :)

  2. We lost her after only the second mile. We did pass a breakfast place so who knows...

    Open pubs are tough to find at 10am on Saturday in rural Maine.

  3. *grin* well only two miles is a little worse than I would have guessed.

    Yeah that ten a.m. thing definitely would have thrown a monkey wrench into plans for refreshment - but being the girl scout I always wished I had been, I would have been prepared and had a little stash o' wine in the woods.