Monday, May 07, 2007

Fixed Gear Project

My patient wait to find a cheap bike suitable to convert to a fixed gear bike has finally paid off.

**It was a sataday an i was headed upta the dump. Gotta get rid of the trash, ya know? Oh an this was the week wife was drivin' up. So she was at the wheel. Anyway were goin' along and I saw on the left. Four bike lined up.


The way back finally comes and I pull over. See, I'm driving now 'cuz there is no way we're drivin' past this potential jack pot.

Fifteen Dollar's later I'm shoving this into the back of my truck. Happy as a little girl.

It is a 1983 Raleigh Olympian. I pretty sure it has less than 50 miles on it. Everything is like new- minus light rust on the seat post and seat post bolt.

So, this there it is. In its as found condition. I will post with progress.

So tomorrow it is off to PercyCycles to see about converting this freewheel.


  1. Hey! My hubby did this too... you going with or without brakes???

  2. I was thinking of running one break on the front. We'll see how it shapes up.

  3. Congrats! I've built up two Raleigh bikes (4080 & 4816 on the and they both came from a recycling yard (pretty much a dump) and I couldn't be happier with them. The joys of fixie riding cannot be explained, only experienced. Best of luck. If you have any questions, I certainly don't mind you asking. I didn't know anyone who knew a thing about fixies when I built mine, and it would have helped a bit just to ask someone a question or two.

  4. Thanks for the offer jerome. At this point i'll have it set up as a single speed until I get a few bucks for better wheel set and cranks.

  5. That bike will be a great fixed gear, have fun with it. If you are going to run with a single freewheel for a bit before going fixed, you're definitely going to want both brakes until you have the ability to slow yourself via the drivetrain. Just remember, don't stop pedaling, even when you forget that you can't stop pedaling. ;)

  6. Sam. you said exaclty what I am doing. Last night i got it set up as a single speed with 2 breaks. Ill keep it this way until i come across a fixed read wheel. Then make the change.

    Total cost so far, only the initial 15$ for the bike.

    Thanks for the tips.