Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fixed Gear Project - phase 2

I have decided to take an interim step in creating the fixie. I have removed all the cogs off the rear freewheel and spun the 16t back on. This way I can get comfortable with the set up. Then eventually when I come across a fixed rear, for not a lot of $$. Ill switch.

The chain line this way is nearly perfect.

Unfortunately I don't like the current profile because I am still running the original crank set, which has a double chain ring RIVETED, :(

I could take a dremel to it but..^enh!^ its fine. Ill wait till I get the fixed rear wheel and switch then. Who's rushin'? I want this bike to evolve into something cool, not just get everything slapped together. Build a soul into it. An that can take time.

So cost so far:
  • Yard sale bike - 15$
  • Percy got $5 for helping me take off the freewheel.
  • 4 hours in the garage dismantle, bar 'flip-n-clip', and polish.
Total: 20$ And I have a nice ride-able bike.

I cant wait for the shitty weather to break so I can take it around the block.

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