Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wheel build

After waiting three months for the rim to arrive my new gold anodized Velocity deep-V rim finally showed up at Percys. So, yesterday I went up to the shop and got a lesson in wheel building from Wheel-Building Jedi Master Percy.

I now have laced up my first rim to a Surly fixed gear hub with 32 DT Swiss spokes. The wheel looks sharp as hell and will be going on to my Raleigh (1,2). It took about two hours to finish and afterwards it was pretty obvious that I will eventually need to get a new bike for such a sweet rim. One thing at a time.

Thanks Percy.


  1. Fancy; Joe has gold on his wheel rims ;)
    I don't know Diddly about all this, but I think that it might improve your speed...true or false ??
    Have fun cycling !

  2. they are super fancy.

    they might make me go faster but its set up to a fixed hub, which means i can only go as fast as i can pedal.