Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Trials, Tribulations and Other Good Things


My dad is staying with us for a couple of weeks. He is working at the garage pumping gas (opening and closing) while Wife's parents visit their family in Budapest.

On Monday after I got home from work Dad and I started laying down the hardwood floor (pic right) in the Baby to Be room. Luckily at work I got to have a business meeting on the Boss's sailboat (pic left). WooHoo!

Tuesday I drove the usual 1 hour to the office followed by 2+ hours to job site to work for 6 hours in 90 deg. hazy, hot and humid heat and run around in a dry dusty containment area. However, I did get to see a really cool steel cutter attached to an excavator. The contractor was in the last stage of tearing down the old 500,000-gallon above ground storage tank (pic. right).

I then drove back to the office stopping off at another job site to stick my head down a storm catch basin and squeeze petroleum out of a saturated sorbent pad to collect a sample (nasty pic. left). I made it back to the office at 6. By the time I got home it was a 330 mile day.

Driving back from the first job site I did get a good picture of some nice gneiss. It was in a road cut and I didn't have time to get great pic. or any scale in there but the rock face is about 10-meters. Nice Gneiss (pic. right).

Finally, on my way home I tried to pick up lobsters for dinner but all the places were closed. Fuckin' figures.
I arrived home at about 7pm and I then learned that my sink is HELLA clogged. For the next 2 hours we (me and dad) tried to clear the lines. We both got fuckin' hosed with nasty ass, rank sewer water. I thought we got the lines cleared but no....pretty much made it worse. Ill try again tonight.

Back to the grind.


  1. Wow that is one heck of a day. At least it included sail boat. Good luck fixing that drain.

    And what is a gneis?

  2. it was two days. but yeah its been crazy.

    gneiss is a metamorphic ingneous rock.

  3. Hi Joe,
    Talk about the endless day !
    You are one hard working dude and I respect that.
    That photo of the gneiss makes me think of Geology 101, and identifying rock types.That's going back AGES for me !
    Yes, nice compensation to spend time in a yacht ;)