Monday, July 14, 2008

Sea Level Rise

I actually had a little while to screw around with Google this weekend and I came across a cool widget and a cool feature that are available for google maps. The widget is a sea level rise display.

Here is the scenario for Boston, Massachusetts for 2 meter , 6 meter and 10 meter sea level increases.

A web article I found HERE indicates that a sea level change as much as 70 Meters is possible.

The other cool feature running right now is that google has done a street level view of all the 2008 Tour de France stages. Very cool if you are a cycling geek. See it HERE.

Have Fun Kids.


  1. so cool! Google is gonna take over the world...

  2. Hi Joe,
    Amazing what you can find as gadgets. Boston would be swamped it seems; I don't have to try for Oahu in Hawaii ... that's gone.
    Enjoying the Tour de France ? I just bet you are !!
    Cheers !

  3. google is amazing. i think the key to it is the 'cloud' effect of all the users.

    this years TdF has been excellent!

  4. Now I know why I moved to Maine, and on a hill too.