Monday, July 14, 2008

Last week was busy. And here is a lesson for future homeowners. Sometimes after you get home from work the sink drain is still clogged and you have to fix it because well, you have no choice.

After trying to run a plumbing snake down the clean out end a couple of times earlier in the week to no avail I thought of another ingenious, albiet, messy way to clean the line. I got out the garden hose. Set the sprayer nozzle to the jet adjustment and shoved it down the line to the clog.


Then the fun started as the nasty ass water starts pouring out the end I am working from as I work the hose back and forth, trying to get the clog to clear. Gray, stank water is pouring all over the basement and me. I and now covered in pipe-stew. After a few more minutes of jambing the hose back and forth the hose finally did the trick. The line was cleared. Ill need a hepatitis B shot now (not really Ma, don't panic) but at least I didn't have to shell out any money to a plumber.

I backed the hose out and spent the next hour cleaning everything and myself.

Job done. Now back to installing the hardwood floors, only one more room to go. Then it's on to painting the trim. ***Wheeee.*** It never ends. Ever. But what else are you going to do?

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