Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NOW! NOW! Yesterday!

It's not quite 5pm yet. But I am DONE.

Today was one of the craziest days at work ever.
Twice today the next phone call came within the same second of hanging up the last call. Field person #1 called in to tell me they uncovered a 'mystery tank'. (An underground storage tank that for some reason nobody seemed to realize was there). So that set of a flurry of phone calls.

A sub- called in to tell me that the code enf. officer of the town need 'something in writing' by the end of the day or the client would not get to open their store. Sweet, thanks for the heads up and the specificity.
5 phone calls, with two messages to that guy. He called me back at 4pm. Ya know, cause i have no where else to be.
The client called me like 8 times today because he was getting worried the store wouldn't open. The sub called me back and I, well I spoke forcefully to him. I'm done with his shit. Worst communicator ever.

  • Field person #2 calls. "Joe. there are bees in the well."
  • Wife calls" Joe what do you think about the color of the britax car seat. tan or brown."

"Boss. I got to get that report out. NOW!" I got this guy waiting. That guy wont give the permit. The client has not reviewed it. You need to sign it. "I got like TWO 'A'-on-fire priorities right now." It was a cry for help. All he did was short out and call the client to get approval to send the report without reading it. I got the report out.

Simultaneously at 3pm the lawyer guy called me, "Hi. those copies you sent are too light. can you get me other versions?" "What's the time line?" I ask. "Yeah, thats the thing, we need them by the end of the business day today" AYFKM!

So yup. I am a miracle worker. I managed to get copies of the year old invoices faxed to me. The woman had apparently put them in the trash yesterday and fished them out to fax them. *PHEW!* I then met lawyer man on the street and handed him the paper work covert spy style under a shady tree.

All of this pushed aside my task list today of: a late report, a 20,000$ invoice and 4 reimbursement requests worth about 12,000$.

Well, I am outta here...
For tonight it's time to keep laying hardwood flooring with dad in a hot, humid sunny, room. *WOOT **WOOT*


  1. What a screecher of a day, man!! Good you made it to the end? Whew.....

  2. I have actually been in Maine for the last two and a half weeks visiting my family....(LOTS of ledge up there, you know?). The weather was ok, but then again I was up north in the county so what can you expect?
    I'm looking forward to getting caught up on your posts and apologize for disappearing off the face of the earth right after we'd started reading eachother's blogs.

    Glad you made it through the day. Hopefully you won't encounter too many days like that. I hate being rushed to do things...

  3. And I thought my day had been hectic! Sheesh, thanks for reminding me that we can make through even the toughest of times. Congrats on surviving!

  4. it was a screecher.
    but a few days later, my message is that I MADE IT!

  5. I'm so happy that I'm a stay-at-home mom now - instead of a miracle worker geologist! Bees in a tank?????? Sounds like an awesome rock band! LOL!

  6. G.Chick.-
    BEES INA TANK, does sounds like a metal band. I like it.

    LBC in the House!

  7. Well, I what I want to know is did you order the TAN or BROWN car seat for incoming Baby Boy?

  8. SLK. there's a joker in every crowd.

    we got the blue. :p

  9. Blue! Good choice.