Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fish Story

I grew up in Maine on a large pond/small lake named Bauneg Beg. My brother and I felt like we practically owned that pond. We knew every nook and cranny. every shallow spot. every deep spot. where the best rope swing was. where the best fishing was. we explored this place in great detail with either: a 14 foot aluminum canoe when out for fishing, a 10 foot 9 hp aluminum boat or a 14 foot 90hp fiberglass boat.
***memories of waterskiing and kneedboarding alone after school before mom got home from work will have to wait, this is a fish story.***

My brother is into fishing among other things, bass speciffically. His luck and skill has always been very good. One summer he was out on the pond, in the canoe, somewhere between 12 and 14 years old he hooked on to the biggest bass ever pulled from this south western Maine pond. 10 pounds 12 ounces. So, large we actually had it mounted. Here it is:(beer bottle for scale)
Hold on...this story would be better told by him. Standby.


  1. We did a lot of fishing in brooks and the rivers where I grew up in Maine.
    There were a couple of lakes around but they were always busy and the fishing wasn't that great...(except in the winter if you're into ice fishing.)

  2. I think this is photoshopped and not a real beer bottle at all.

  3. I have a memory of going camping with my family at a place called Timothy Lake in Maine when I was a child and spending all my time there fishing and trying to catch turtles.

    Alas, I just googled Timothy Lake in Maine and it doesn't exist. There is one in PA, but I could have sworn it was in Maine. We did camp in Maine, but I guess on a different lake all together. Sigh.

  4. Somebody took a chunk out of his tail!

  5. Oh... I remember asking Drew to catch me a fish out of that pond that I could cook for dinner. He brought home a catfish, even though he was (and still is) a catch and release fisherman. Drew went against his principles for good ole Auntie Sue.

    Joe, do you remember the scream the catfish let out when we started to kill it? Blood curtling, sounded human!

    Who finished the execution of the fish... I don't remember.

    So many fish stories!

  6. Beer bottle for scale: classic geo-trick. Does it say Hopyard?

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  8. Well thanks to that photo of the big mounted fish on the wall, I now hear that obnoxious jingle to the fast food chain add:
    "Give me that filet o fish, give me that fish.. OOOH!"
    And I thought "Five Dollar Foot Long" was bad!

    Fishing looks like fun. I've noticed it's a big past time up here in Maine!

  9. don't know much about fishin' but that bass looks big! =)

  10. yep. he's a big boy.
    fishing can be fun. and like they say ' a bad day of fishing is better then a good day at work'