Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Batholith Study

Here is just a flash thought I had today. I will come back and define the idea better at a later date:

I would like to propose a study into the thickness of the Sebago Batholith. I would like to drill a hole (core preferable) through the batholith to measure among other things, thickness. The reported thickness in 1-2km. My study would include chemical analysis at 500 meter intervals and an anlysis of the rock type(s) beneath the Sebago. Who can drill this? geothermal drillers perhaps...it the grand scheme it just ain't that thick.

I know its been measured by gravity by Behn et. al in 97-8 (Can. J. Earth Sci. 35: 649–656 (1998). And they have a great paper about it HERE.

There is more here to uncover I think.

Comments from the geologists please.


  1. I'm not a geologist Joe, but would like to wish you luck on your proposed study.

  2. I propose a study to measure the thickness of my rock EVERY TIME I'm in the batholith. My drill IS core preferable. Ok, I'm NOT a geologist, but that was a flash thought, LMAO !!!

  3. Heff: totally awesome. FYI geology terms are full of sexual inuendo (sp?) ask any geologist what the sexiest mineral is. they will say CUMMINGTONITE. no shit. its real.

  4. Is that why we have the phrase, "Stuck between a rock and a hard place?"

  5. I think I dated an African Exchange student named Sebago Batholith back in my college days. Sort of gives a whole new meaning to the post.

    Is this what Geologists really think about off and on....how curious. I usually think about naked women and race cars.

  6. Bruce: thats some funny shit right there.

    yes, this is what we think of off and on. thou, naked girls and beer frequently come into to the picture.

  7. What dimension do you want to measure? The vertical thickness? keep in mind that this pluton has probably been tilted quite a bit since emplacement. I mean, how old is it? Devonian???

    It might be lying on its side by now. Just a thought. --Alison

  8. just checked on the age--it's Pennsylvanian, probably....AJ