Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More snow and some LG

Grandpa came up on Saturday. We taught LilGuns how to play Cribbage.
Then ANOTHER storm came in Monday morning dropping an additional 10 inches of snow. *woo* The nice thing was the timing. I stayed home from work with Wife and LilGuns. He's so damn cute. I think my kid is the cutest ever. All your kids are ugly in comparison. But doesn't every parent think that? Every normal one anyway.
And of course a shot of me clearing the driveway. *w00t*

Rock On Good People


  1. Holy crap, the Bisphenol A in that rubber ducky tub - bleeding out into the warm water - quick - QUICK - get him out!



  2. Hi Joe,
    Awwwhhh; the the little guy :)
    I know that he's still young but watch out for the cards later; he might eventually beat ya ! Kids learn so quickly.
    he he
    I heard about the snow; great; a day to relax !

    Take it easy

  3. Hey Geo-Joe: You left a comment on my blog that didn't make any sense. Something about a list of sixteen and reading the odesessy.

    and if that is true you must do a movie review of o brother where art thou?

    and btw, you are no longer a follower-actually I went down like 3. was it somethign I said did i shower enough?

    so um, did I let one rip or something. sorry about that. black bean burritto and all.

    but yes


    OO SOOO CUTE!!!!


  4. Love the ducky... LOVE IT! I agree, he is the cutest baby ever (except for you, Drew, Scott, and Amy - you were all equally adorable.)
    xoxo Good Ole' Auntie Sue

  5. HH: the incoherent comment was indented for a different blog. something wacky is going on. I also think that the transition Google/Blogger did to the followers widget must have dropped people. I just re-followed.

    Ill have to re-watch the O-Brother to do a review. Ill look for it in my next run to the video store.

  6. I can't say if your kid is the cutest on in the entire world.....under the age of 5, they all look alike to me, like little clones.

    But I can state that I have prettiest dog in the world, period, handsome and smart. So your dog (if you have one) is ugly compared to mine.

  7. Ah the fun never ends with this snow.
    And yes, I'll say LG tops the cute list.. (lucky for you I have no babies, so LG gets the prize!)
    I see you've got him drinking beer already.. good boy!