Thursday, February 26, 2009

H2O Removal

The last few days a couple of 'fun' surprises have been throw my way. Luckily, as I have said before, I am a HandyMotherFucker.
We just got a wicked snow storm this past Sunday night. I was lucky to only end up with 12-inches of the wet heavy snow. So at 6:30am I start to clear out the driveway. I made one cut down to the road (my driveway is 200 feet long) and the snowblower throws a belt. " Yeah I wont be in."
At least I had a path EMTs could get up if something really shitty happened. Fortunately, my mom was able to come over later in the day and plow us out. Anyway, I brought the machine back up to the garage and opened up the belt housing. "Yep," the auger drive belt was shredded. The first pic is of the drive wheels and replacement belt (green) I put on. The replacement job took less than 10 minutes. I had no idea it was so easy.
Then yesterday I got home, went into the basement to get some firewood and I hear the sump pump running. I check it out and it was stuck on. With no idea how long it had been running I found that the whole cast iron housing was hot and actually steaming the water. I unplugged it and took it out for an inspection. "I can fix this." I think. "Well, I at least can't break it more." So, after opening it up I figured out that the switch has just worn out. I removed the switch housing and switch and found a replacement on-line through Grainger. I should be back in action by tomorrow. The pump b.t.w. is a Zoeller 1/3 hp sump pump. The thing is a friggin' work horse.
Anyway, as I was back up stairs looking up the switch I was thinking about the sump water. I then went back to check on the water level. I didn't have until tomorrow to wait. I HAD to set up something temporary. Late last night, I'm standing in the aisle of HomeDesprate buying the cheapest pump they had and some plumbing supplies. $100 bucks. *poof*
I got home and rigged up the temp. system in about an hour, saving the basement from flooding. I'm awesome. When I get the switch Ill rig the zoeller back up.


  1. What a happy story... you are so darn smart!

  2. dang, you are handy mofo!!!!

    which is AWESOME TO HAVE BTW to have a handy inhouse mofo. my husband does stuff around the house, like you described. He has fixed sub pumps, rewired basements, fixed snow blower engines, has tools to figure out what the check engine light means on different cars. . . . . . and how to fix what is broken

    I just don't think I appreciate it enough. I mean, seriously, what would we do if he didn't do all that he does? who knows?

    but, I realize i am behind here, but what happens if you do that test for radon and it comes up positive?


    Mrs. Hall

  3. EG: a blog is by design narcissistic. Im just buying in.

    HH: Mr. H sounds like a good dude. All he wants are pancakes after snow blowing the driveway.
    Now as for the Radon. technically my results were positive with a detection of 1 picocurie per liter. If the result were high, like 4 or greater the way to take care of it is to simply install a proper vent fan and keep it running.

  4. Dammit, SlingShot, I have a lot of little jobs for you. Wish you lived closer!

  5. I consider myself a "HandyMotherFucker" also, and it's paid dividends on SEVERAL occasions.

    12 inches of snow ? Fuck that shit...I love the south !

  6. SH: no thanks. i got plenty to do around here.

    Heff: ill take snow over tornados any day.

  7. You ARE awesome, I agree.

    My favorite line in this post has GOT to be, though:

    "Fortunately, my mom was able to come over later in the day and plow us out."

    No wonder you are awesome - Your mom is SUPER DUPER Awesome! Good stock...

  8. big points to you for being a handy mofo...

    i on the other hand, am pretty much useless..

  9. Handymotherfuckers of the world unite. Popular Mechanics meets blogging.

    I have noticed that woman bloggers talk about relationships and having babies. Guys blog about projects and boobs. That pretty much sums up life.

    My Project Blog is here: